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Database Administration Is Our Focus

The Ability to Scale is What Makes Us Unique

According to Keenan Phelan, EVP of Global Services and COO of Datavail, even though we are a relatively small company, we are a very large database organization. This ability to scale differentiates us from other managed service organizations.

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What's interesting is the way our model is built, because we have a true shared model and we have these distinct tiers where we deliver, we actually do a very good job for either. The reason that we can scale for the larger enterprises is that we've built in a true shared model. It makes it very extensible. We're not limited to the knowledge of 1 or 2 people for a major account. We spread that knowledge not because of some top-down you must cross-train. It's just inherent to our culture in the way that we operate. The other thing is because we specialize just on database, but even within that, we specialize within each tower. Core offerings of Oracle, Oracle EBS, MySQL, SQL and DB2. Each one of those is really in effect its own operation. Each one has its own tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 operation. Each one has its own distinct practice leader. Why do they love working here? We've looked at this a lot. The first thing, this is a general value prop for Datavail. DBAs tend to be the most highly leveraged group in any IT organization, whatever that IT organization, wherever it is. It's usually the smallest group. There's dozens of systems administrators and desktop folks and application developers. The DBAs can tend to be a fairly small group. They're an islet. We've built a company where DBAs are working for other DBAs in our very large group, so they have places to go, people to talk to. People who also have a lot of empathy for what they're doing. They're not just in that they're fighting the battle with the infrastructure guys and fighting the battle with the application developers. They really love working. DBAs like working with DBAs.

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