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Customer Intimacy is Within Your Reach

Tech Talk Presentation

Restaurant companies don’t need to go far to understand their guests better. Breaking through and having an effective, scalable conversation with the guest starts by creating an internal, 360-degree data view of the guest from proprietary and public data sources that marketing teams control.

Watch our presentation by Evan Eakin, former Vice President of IT for Red Robin, from this year’s National Restaurant Association to learn how savvy marketers take charge of their data to create actionable personas that achieve marketing communications that are three times more effective at generating business and frequency.

Show Transcript

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I’ll jump straight to the punchline. It’s never been a harder time right now for customer loyalty. The fight for that customer dollar is daunting, and it’s a macro economic problem perhaps overbuilding entrants like prepared home meal delivery services, these threats that create this uncertainty, because our customer is demanding, and so customers are becoming very selective. In fact, Nation’s Restaurant News reported, and I’m sure this is not news to all of you, that same store sales dropped 1.1%, traffic fell 3.4% in the first quarter of this year. So because costs are declining at the same pace as revenues, the margin reduction created from these threats translates into a mandate to rationalize all initiatives, especially those that are traffic-driving and revenue-driving programs.

Fortunately, technology has created a boom in digital and data capabilities to boost traffic-driving attribution and return on investment. This is causing a sea change of dollars to move from traditional media and direct, to online digital and mobile. Winterberry Group reported that for the first time digital marketing spend actually passed TV spend for ad dollars in 2016.

So where is the puck headed? If digital marketing and technology [inaudible 00:01:55] are going to find new and creative ways to create and nurture customer relationships and demonstrate their successful results, they need to focus on marketing data onboarding, customer analytics, segmentation and clustering as just a few ways to generate new customer journeys.

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