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Customer Intimacy in the Restaurant Industry

The typical restaurant knows fewer than 10% of their customers by name. Even fewer have a clear view of their purchasing habits, demographics, firmographics, behaviors, and preferences. Watch this video to see how Datavail helps restaurants achieve customer intimacy  by harnessing data to build customer profiles and personas that drive personalized marketing messages that increase traffic and revenue.

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In this world of personalization and instant gratification, seeing your customers clearly is of paramount importance. The typical restaurant knows fewer than 10% of their customers by name. Even fewer have a clear picture of the purchasing habits, demographics, firmographics, behaviors, and preferences. Datavail achieves customer intimacy from the ground up by harnessing your data to build customer profiles into personas that drive robust, personalized marketing messages, increasing traffic and revenue. Take this customer, Joe. How do we know what is relevant to him if all we have is a name and email address? The first and most direct step is to connect Joe with his restaurant purchasing activity. Now we know that Joe prefers to order lunch online and visits the restaurant on weekends where he tends to drink Blue Moon. We know more about Joe, but purchasing activity isn't intimacy. We need to know what Joe likes. What if we could find additional data on Joe's lifestyle habits? In reaching our understanding of Joe through the addition of lifestyle data, we see that Joe has a passion for basketball, enjoys watching playoffs, and frequents several sports bars in the Cleveland area. This is good info, but we're going for intimacy and want to know even more about Joe. What if we could add in some interpretive information by data mining his customer activities? Joe is becoming clearer to us. We see he lives in an affluent neighborhood, owns him home, and works for a software company. Now that we know Joe and are ready to engage with him, what message would be most interesting to Joe? An email offer for a free appetizer with the purchase of a Blue Moon during the playoffs fits our intimate knowledge of Joe. The likelihood that Joe is going to respond is significantly greater than it would be had we done none of the customer intimacy work. What if you had this much detail about every customer? Most restaurants have the access to the data they need in order to send targeted messages. They just haven't harnessed it. Talk to Datavail's customer analytics team to learn how you can drive traffic, increase revenue, and increase average check size through customer intimacy.

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