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In the fast-paced world of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), CoreDial, a leading provider in the industry, faced several challenges in managing their databases. The company sought to improve database administration quality, shift their focus from technology to core business operations, and ensure comprehensive coverage for their critical databases. This case study explores how CoreDial partnered with Datavail, a trusted name in remote database management services, to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable results.

The Challenges Faced by CoreDial

Improving Database Administration Quality

As a UCaaS provider, CoreDial relies heavily on robust and efficient database systems. However, they faced hurdles in maintaining the desired level of quality in their database administration. They needed a solution that would optimize performance, enhance reliability, and solidify data availability.

Shifting Focus from Technology to Business

CoreDial recognized the need to streamline their operations by shifting their focus from technical intricacies to strategic business initiatives. By offloading the burden of day-to-day database management tasks, they aimed to free up resources that could be redirected towards innovation and growth.

Ensuring Round-the-Clock Coverage

To provide uninterrupted services to their clients, CoreDial required 24×7 coverage for their databases. This meant addressing issues promptly even during weekends and holidays. They sought an expert partner who could offer comprehensive support at any time.

Leveraging Datavail’s Services

CoreDial found an ideal partner in Datavail—a renowned provider of remote database management services. By leveraging Datavail’s expertise, CoreDial achieved significant improvements across various aspects of their database operations.

Remote Database Management

With Datavail’s remote database management services, CoreDial gained access to a team of experienced DBAs who could handle routine maintenance tasks efficiently. This allowed CoreDial to focus on delivering value to their customers, knowing that their databases were in capable hands.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

Datavail assisted CoreDial in seamlessly upgrading and migrating their databases to newer versions. By taking care of the complex process involved in these transitions, Datavail ensured a smooth and uninterrupted operation, minimizing downtime and avoiding potential data loss.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

To maintain the optimal health of CoreDial’s databases, Datavail conducted regular assessments and health checks. This proactive approach helped identify any potential issues or bottlenecks before they could impact performance. Through detailed analysis and recommendations, Datavail enabled CoreDial to make informed decisions for database optimization.

Performance Tuning

Datavail’s expert DBAs worked closely with CoreDial to fine-tune their database performance. By analyzing query execution plans, optimizing indexes, and implementing best practices, Datavail significantly improved the responsiveness of CoreDial’s database systems. This resulted in enhanced user experiences and increased customer satisfaction.

Achieving Remarkable Benefits with Datavail

Since partnering with Datavail, CoreDial has experienced a multitude of benefits that have transformed their database administration practices.

Improved Database Administration Quality

With the support of Datavail’s expert team, CoreDial witnessed a remarkable improvement in the quality of their database administration. The proactive measures taken by Datavail resulted in enhanced reliability, increased availability, and better overall performance.

Focused on Business Growth

By entrusting their database management to Datavail, CoreDial was able to redirect valuable time and resources towards strategic business initiatives. They could now concentrate on developing innovative solutions for their clients while leaving the technical complexities to the experts.

Round-the-Clock Coverage

Datavail’s 24×7 coverage ensured that CoreDial’s databases were monitored and managed without interruption. Whether it was a routine maintenance task or an unexpected issue that required immediate attention, Datavail’s team was readily available to provide support, even during weekends and holidays.

Cost Savings with Remote Database Management

By leveraging Datavail’s remote database management services, CoreDial enjoyed substantial cost savings. Estimates suggest that they were able to reduce their expenses by 25-50% compared to maintaining an in-house DBA team. This cost efficiency allowed CoreDial to allocate resources strategically and invest in other areas of their business.

Results: An Improved Database Environment

The partnership between CoreDial and Datavail has yielded remarkable results, transforming the company’s database environment.

Dramatically Improved DBA Coverage

With Datavail’s round-the-clock support and comprehensive expertise, CoreDial experienced a significant improvement in DBA coverage. They no longer had to rely on a limited in-house team but could access a pool of skilled professionals whenever needed.

Enhanced DBA Expertise

Datavail’s collaboration empowered CoreDial’s internal teams by providing them exposure to industry-leading best practices and deep technical knowledge. This transfer of expertise elevated the skills of CoreDial’s DBAs, ensuring ongoing improvements beyond the scope of the partnership.

Improved Database Availability and Reliability

Through meticulous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and swift issue resolution, Datavail contributed to enhanced database availability and reliability for CoreDial. Downtime was minimized, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Greatly Improved Database Performance

By fine-tuning database performance through thorough analysis and optimization techniques, Datavail enabled CoreDial to achieve exceptional levels of responsiveness. The result was faster query execution times, improved system scalability, and an overall superior user experience.

Client Testimonial: “Improved Operational Coverage & Performance”

CoreDial expressed their satisfaction with the transformation brought about by their collaboration with Datavail. According to them, improved operational coverage along with greatly enhanced performance were among the most significant benefits they experienced through this partnership.


The success story of CoreDial and Datavail exemplifies the significant impact that expert database management services can have on an organization. By addressing their challenges, CoreDial was able to improve the quality of their database administration, focus on strategic growth, and ensure round-the-clock coverage for their critical systems. With Datavail’s support, they achieved remarkable results, including enhanced availability, reliability, and performance. If your organization faces similar challenges or seeks to optimize its database operations, consider partnering with a trusted provider like Datavail to revolutionize your database environment.

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