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Cloud DBAs & The Future of Computing

Datavail White Paper

There’s a myth out there that adopting cloud services eliminates the need for a dedicated database administrator (DBA).

The Cloud Continues its Upward Trajectory

Cloud computing capacities continue to grow and expand at an exponential pace, and capturing the values promised by those evolutions usually requires the unique skills, talents, and insights that only a trained DBA can deliver.

There’s no surprise to the global growth of the cloud services market. As the “XaaS” industry has evolved, the number, variety, type, and functionality of cloud services has exploded, and cloud providers have been quick to tailor those services to meet their customers’ proprietary needs.

Maximize Your Cloud Computing Investment & Keep up with the Competition.

The overall cloud computing market, estimated today at $266 billion, is expected to reach over $354 billion by the end of 2022. These numbers indicate that, if nothing else, the migration to cloud will at least help to maintain corporate competitiveness. If your organization is questioning cloud adoption and/or the role of a DBA diminishing, this paper will dispel the myths and you’ll learn:

  • How the global economy has fueled cloud services and innovation.
  • The history of the role of a database administrator and how the role is changing in the age of automation with the shift to the cloud.
  • The reasons why skilled DBAs are in demand.
  • How DBAs will be administering the database of the future today.
  • The DBAs role as a business strategist.

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Datavail is one of the world’s leading database administration services providers, and is leading the industry in developing and implementing the changes needed to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s database challenges. We’ve helped hundreds of clients move in part or entirely to the cloud – public, private and hybrid – in all flavors.

Learn more about Datavail’s Cloud Database Migration & Conversions.

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