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Cloud Cost Optimization: Tips, Strategies, and Best Practices

Datavail White Paper

Cloud platforms offer immense flexibility and scalability.

However, many organizations struggle to control costs as their cloud usage grows. Gartner predicts worldwide public cloud spending will reach $679 billion in 2024. However, the typical organization overspends its cloud budget by 18% on average.

Don’t let your cloud migration lead to unexpected costs. Our white paper provides a comprehensive guide for optimizing your public cloud investments, based on over a decade of hands-on expertise in mid-market and enterprise cloud environments.

You’ll learn about:

  • The basic cost structure of cloud compute and storage.
  • Quick cost optimization wins like reserved instances, deleting unused resources, and right sizing.
  • More advanced tactics such as adopting serverless architectures, optimizing HA/DR, using spot instances, and refactoring monoliths into microservices.
  • How to establish a Cloud Center of Excellence to instill continual optimization.
  • How to get help on your cloud cost optimization journey.

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