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Cloud Cost Optimization: Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices

Datavail Webinar

Are you taking a hard look at your cloud costs this budgeting season?

Is your IT budget getting eaten up without a good ROI to show for it? Do you need to justify your cloud expenses and business cases to leadership?

Get cloud cost optimization strategies, tips, and best practices in this on-demand webinar. Michael Agarwal, Director and Global Practice Leader – Cloud Databases, NoSQL, and Site Reliability Engineering, Datavail, delivers cloud optimization insights gained from more than a decade of architecting and implementing solutions on AWS and Azure.

You’ll learn about:

  • Right-sizing your cloud resources.
  • Monitoring and managing your cloud usage effectively.
  • Identifying and eliminating wasteful spending.
  • Leveraging automation for better cost control.
  • Exploring cloud pricing models and modernization opportunities.
  • Achieving the right balance of price and performance for your business requirements.

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Watch The Webinar Here

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