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Cloud Assessment Framework: Navigating the PeopleSoft Skyline

Datavail Webinar

The path to Cloud is not one-size-fits-all for PeopleSoft users, but there are common steps you can take now to prepare your organization for your journey better! The session, led by Gupreet Burmi, the Global Practice Director ERP/CX at Datavail, focused on crucial milestones for organizations on their path to Cloud. Key aspects of the presentation included –

  • Utilizing Existing PeopleSoft Application: Emphasizing the importance of fully leveraging current PeopleSoft applications to lay a strong foundation for future cloud integration.
  • Reducing Customizations: Advising on minimizing customizations in PeopleSoft to simplify the transition to cloud-based solutions.
  • Strategic Feature Enhancements: Highlighting the need for strategic enhancements in PeopleSoft, preparing the team for the transformation process.
  • Customer Roadmaps and Key Considerations: Discuss customer roadmaps and essential considerations at each stage of the cloud journey.
  • Cloud Readiness Tools: Providing tools to assess cloud readiness, including scorecards to evaluate organizational readiness, identify areas for improvement, and an optimization framework to support changes in the PeopleSoft application.
  • Data and Process Preparation: Offering guidance on preparing data, business processes, users, integrations, and other elements for cloud migration.
  • Iterative Improvements: Stressing the importance of iterative improvements to the existing PeopleSoft application, ensuring continued utilization, and preparing for a successful move to the Cloud.
  • Strategic Planning for Cloud Transition: Encouraging organizations to view the journey to the Cloud as an opportunity to review business processes and leverage state-of-the-art software to achieve maximum ROI and best fit the organization’s needs.

Overall, the session aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cloud roadmap, considering where an organization currently stands and planning strategic, iterative improvements for a successful future in cloud computing. Datavail expert squad has expertise and experience in providing customized solutions for a successful cloud transition for PeopleSoft users. Talk to our team to discuss your requirements.

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