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Changing Your Approach, From Reactive to Proactive

Oracle Database Health Checks and Tools for Success


Do you know every aspect of your Oracle database? From each parameter to the database health, down to the data block level? If you did and you were able to stay on top of all those details when a crisis occurred, would you immediately have the confidence to know what the problem wasn’t? The best offense is to have a plan and be able to work that plan. Regular health checks are the best approach to ensure you stay on top of all those details and are always prepared for the scenarios you might be reacting to on a regular basis today.

This presentation will outline the tools to use to transition from defense to offense by working and planning proactively.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. I'm looking forward to getting into this topic because it's such an interesting one to talk about. Reactive versus proactive and it is definitely an age-old question, and I'm not going to propose that I have it, to new, to lenders, to the argument other than I have been in environments where a proactive approach, the thought process has been applied but only to a degree. What I'm hoping to offer you, guys, today is some ideas, some things that I've gleaned from the past several years of tuning and development experience. Then I'd love to answer some questions at the end. There is a script that I'm going to pass on to you, guys, for those of you that are interested. At the end, there's going to be a final slide that will have a URL. You can go there and put in your name, email, that kind of thing, and download the script. Again, this script is not anything that is groundbreaking. You can see there's information, a season DBA could pull very quickly. However, it's gathered together in one single script and it's presented in such a way that it does give you some insight and you'll see, I'm going to refer to the script. The reason why I'm offering it, I'm using it as a reference in some of my approaches in this presentation. At the end of the presentation, certainly, fill out the information, download the script, and try it out. Stepping through some of the things we're going to talk about today, I want to start off, really try to answer the question what is reactive versus proactive. Hopefully I can land a small tidbit of new information to it. Then talking a little bit about planning for success and finding an approach that works, common performance issues that we see in our environments, I'm sure that every one of you could probably get on the line and talk about much of the same thing that I'm going to present, but I want to present it from the perspective of proactive, monitoring a proactive baselining. Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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