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Beyond the Horizon: Caribbean Resorts' Leap into Oracle Cloud

Datavail Webinar

Join us for a transformative session where Pramod Alluri, Vice President of Strategy Management Consulting at Datavail, unravels the journey of Caribbean Hotel and Casinos in their strategic shift from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This session offers a comprehensive blueprint for organizations looking to enhance their operational efficiency, scalability, and sustainability in the cloud.

Discover how to streamline your PeopleSoft applications by migrating and optimizing them on OCI. We’ll provide a clear roadmap, highlighting essential decisions and strategies for a successful public cloud infrastructure transition. Learn about the various cloud configurations, objectives, and the crucial impact of critical decisions on timelines and finances.

Experience a live demonstration of how the Paradise Island resorts achieved remarkable outcomes, including reduced ownership costs, enhanced performance, elimination of license and maintenance expenses, and improved security.

This session is designed to equip attendees with a practical primer and checklist for evaluating the business case for public cloud migration. We’ll delve into why OCI stands out among other hyper-scalers like AWS and Azure, covering topics such as:

  • Benefits of Migrating PeopleSoft to OCI: Hard Savings and Intangibles
  • Financial Considerations in Cloud Migration
  • Key Decision Points in the Cloud Migration Journey
  • Managing Security, Integration, and Customization Post-Migration
  • The Advantages of OCI Movement over the Current 9.2 Upgrade
  • Lessons Learned: Insights from a Successful Customer Journey


Watch The Webinar Here

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