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Are You Getting All You Can from Your Oracle Cloud ERP?

Datavail Presentation

Oracle’s Cloud ERP SaaS solution is a great way to deliver important features businesses need in a cloud platform such as reliability, scalability, performance and security. Additionally, since it is built on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), it also saves on cost and maintenance, such as capital expenditures, and also having to manage quarterly upgrades and patches. However, not all customers are aware of the full array of features and automations available in this powerful application.

Download this presentation to see if there is anything you are missing that you should be taking advantage of, and any features that you may not have known were available that you could implement in your own Oracle Cloud ERP processes.

Information covered in this presentation:

  • A quick overview of the advantages and benefits of Oracle Cloud ERP over other on-premises ERP platforms, and the challenges to consider and prepare for before moving from an on-premises ERP to Oracle Cloud ERP.
  • A list and description of Oracle Cloud ERP features and functionalities that may have fallen under the radar of many companies who have this solution but don’t know about them or how to implement them for their own unique situations.
  • A real-life case study regarding a company using Oracle Cloud ERP who did not realize that they were not using many of the features and functionalities that were available to them that would help save them dozens of hours of time and other resources.
  • What to look for in a partner and trusted advisor that can assist with Oracle Cloud ERP implementations and setting up functionalities.


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