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Application Performance Management – Vital to Keeping Businesses Running and Customers Happy

Datavail White Paper

Everyone involved in providing applications to end users wants those users to be happy.

Typically, there are two reasons for that. First, it’s your job and you want to do it well. Second, if users aren’t happy, you’re the ones they’ll complain to, and that can be frustrating and take you away from the other mission-critical tasks you need to focus on. Application Performance Management (APM) can help you keep your users happy.

Download this white paper for a complete overview of Application Performance Management (APM) and learn the answers and more information regarding the questions and topics below:

  • What is Application Performance Management? – When using the term APM, it can refer to either Application Performance Monitoring or Application Performance Management – what are the differences?
  • What Does APM Monitor? – In order to give users the best experience, you need to monitor a wide variety of items.
  • What Functions Should APM Address? – Gartner has designed a five-dimensional conceptual APM model to help develop a global understanding of the topic. These steps represent a comprehensive approach to application performance management.
  • What are the Benefits of Application Performance Management? – Customers are using applications more all the time in their daily lives. And employees depend on a variety of applications to get their work done.
  • Best Practices for Application Performance Management – Implementing an APM system requires planning and the right skill sets. These best practices will help you ensure a successful implementation.
  • How Datavail Can Help
    • Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) platform is one of the only enterprise APM solutions to enable both IT and business users to manage and optimize the use of their enterprise applications.
    • By working from a common Datavail APM platform, IT and Business users can work collaboratively from a common set of data and analytics to create a high-performance environment for their mission critical applications.
    • We provide dedicated expert teams on a 24/7/365 basis that monitor the tools and take the appropriate action based on your requirements. That means we may make corrections ourselves or notify the right people to take remedial action.
    • If you want to achieve better performance and avoid the time required to identify root causes manually, Datavail’s APM platform and staffing can help you meet those goals. Contact Datavail’s Application Performance Management experts to learn more about how we can help.


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