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Application Performance Management: Keeping the World Rolling

Datavail Case Study

The client in this case study is a leader in global manufacturing, with a business presence in over 150 countries and employing more than 138,000 people.

While the Americas account for almost half of its business (45%), it also accrues revenues from the Middle East and Africa, China, Japan, and the Asian Pacific.

Before working with Datavail, the client had two distinct difficulties: it was experiencing extensive failures in two of its mission-critical applications, one a product quality assessment tool and the other a product refurbishment tracking tool. And it did not have the in-house IT expertise or human resources dedicated to discovering why those apps weren’t working correctly.

This study explores how the application challenges affected the enterprise, how Datavail’s unique service skills and arrangements provided insights and solutions, and how the company’s shareholders and customers now benefit from the completed project.

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  • The issues the client was experiencing that they needed to solve for – The client was experiencing problems arising from application performance issues for two of their critical applications, which could potentially cause significant challenges originating from a variety of sources. Additionally, the global scope of the organization added a further complication to their application challenges.
  • How the client approached solving their issues – The client was looking for ways to resolve their app performance challenges without adding unnecessary costs to its expense and balance sheets.
  • What aspects lead to choosing Datavail as a vendor-partner and services provider to address their needs – The client noted two specific aspects of Datavail that made the technology leader its choice as an application management services provider.
  • What services and solutions were provided to the client to address their issues – The client’s intrinsic trust in Datavail’s capacities made the launch of this project much easier, as this project was the inaugural contract between the two. The initial Statement of Work (SOW) outlined a two-tiered service level.
  • The results the client is benefitting from Datavail’s ongoing relationship with them – Datavail’s expertise with the Azure monitoring tools allow the client to maximize its Azure resources.

How Datavail can help you with your organization’s application development and performance monitoring and management needs – Contact Datavail’s Azure and Application Performance Management experts for more information.

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