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Accelerate SQL Server to the AWS Cloud

Datavail Presentation

In today’s marketplace, moving to the public Cloud is a familiar and consistent trend within the SQL Server community. But which cloud provider do you choose?

After all there are different cloud choices, each with their own distinctive features. Migrations to the cloud are only going to gain greater momentum as organizations grapple with their on-premises alternatives.

Recent cloud breaches may have some organizations hesitant to take the leap and move to the cloud, however market-leading cloud providers are making every attempt in adhering to compliance guidelines while boosting their security framework and reliability offerings. They are also becoming more competitive by managing their cost more effectively.

For both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations, planning plays a critical role in moving to the cloud. Preparing a checklist and asking the right questions to stakeholders lays the groundwork in this planning. There are different methods to migrate databases from on-premises to the cloud.

In this presentation, we will discuss various methods and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using each method. We’ll also showcase the surprises and pitfalls to avoid as we venture into the process.

Learn more on what trends you can expect to see, what the future holds for cloud, and see how the DBA role and their responsibilities are undergoing changes to fit into the new profile necessary in managing the cloud framework.

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