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Accelatis: A Brief History

Watch this video interview with Michael Reed, an HFM and Planning Manager who sees significant benefits in Datavail’s APM platform.

Show Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Reed. I've been an HFM and Planning customer for many, many years. I'm here to speak on behalf of Accelatis, phenomenal company, phenomenal product. I've been a friend of Johnathan's probably going back to 2000. The thing I love about the product is, when we first implemented HFM, we had lots of problems. A lot of them were based on the out-of-sync that our servers would get. Johnathan was the troubleshooter who worked at Hyperion at the time. He was one of the core product engineers. And he wished he had the tools to be able to easily troubleshoot problems across a multiple server environment. So when Hyperion did some restructuring with a lot of their consulting stuff, he actually decided "You know what, I'm going to take the opportunity and I'm going to build a product of all the utilities that I thought we needed to have as part of the core product." They're very first product out of the shoot was a wonderful product. It monitored multiple servers in the same environment. It helped to keep track of patching, which sounds simple but when Microsoft pushes out 400 patches every quarter, tendency, one gets missed. This would actually quickly identify any of the patching that didn't happen properly. It would also help if you had multiple apps servers, track the versions of the Hyperion products, make sure those are all working. Since then, they've come out with a boat load of other utilities that go around that same product. They've expanded from HFM to other products. It's great. The way I tell anybody who asks me about the company, it was a core group of guys that used to work with the product, or work for Hyperion developing the product. Everything they did was stuff they wished they had to help them limit the amount of time it took them to find problems. No longer spending hours digging down stuff. You just run a utility and it comes up and gives you a list, and identifies most of your problems for you. Fairly simply, it's a wonderful product.

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