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90 Seconds That Will Change the Way You Think About Hyperion

Your Hyperion systems are mission critical. Take 90 seconds to learn how Datavail’s APM software can accomplish things in Hyperion that you didn’t know were possible.


Show Transcript

Your enterprise and enterprise performance management systems are mission critical. Keeping your end users happy is paramount. Accelatis is the only software specifically designed to make your job easier, and everyone who depends on you more productive. Here are five reasons why. Accelatis makes you look good. You’re constantly faced with critical requests. Accelatis opens up the black box of your system to give you the inside and control you need to make better decisions, and take the best course of action.

Accelatis is friendly to both IT and finance. Accelatis combines critical IT metrics with application and user information. The finger pointing stops as both IT and finance see the things they need to do their jobs and everything runs more smoothly. Accelatis is broad and deep. Accelatis offers broad capabilities across many source systems, databases and technologies. Accelatis scales with you when you add users, servers, environments, and entirely new enterprise systems. You invested a lot in your systems. Accelatis is insurance that protects your investment and gives you the performance you deserve.

Accelatis works for you 24/7 so you know about any changes made by anyone at anytime. You’ll know when problems are brewing before users find them, and you can deal with them before they impact everyone. Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a demo.

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