Tiered Database Delivery Model

DBA Services, Monitoring, and Support

Tier 1
Service Desk and Monitoring

Tier 2
Operations and Technical Delivery

Tier 3
Engineering and Critical Problem Resolution

The chart below helps describe of the different kinds of tasks performed at the different tiers:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Provide 24x7x365 live DBA support 24×7 DBA Service Requests (SRs) “Perform Database Tasks upon Request” Proactive DBA Activities “Improve Database Environment”
Implement monitoring and ticketing systems Execute on all incidents received by Tier 1 Serve as escalation from Tier 2
Monitor and troubleshoot scheduled jobs Provide 24x7x365 DBA request availability Provide 24x7x365 DBA request availability
Monitor and troubleshoot backup/recovery jobs Perform database install and creation Perform database install and creation
Monitor custom events and replication/clustering Create schemas, tables, views, indexes, etc. Advise and consult on architecture and engineering issues and approaches
Respond to incidents, alerts and notifications Optimize CPU and memory utilization Provide Senior DBA support & collaboration
Perform database upgrades and migrations Perform complex issue resolution/correlation
Perform database patching and/or bug fixes Perform root cause analysis on recurring issues
Perform database refresh/cloning/cleansing Provide issue tracking and communication
Perform database configuration and validation Perform advanced database and query tuning
Perform data/index/disk re-organizations Perform proactive space/growth management
Perform SQL/database/instance tuning Database security, compliance, licensing
Execute and verify DDL/DML/scripts HA, DR and scalability improvements/strategy
Backup and recovery improvements/strategy
Clustering and replication improvements/strategy