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What Can Dynamics 365 for Marketing Do for You?

Author: Cate Parry | | April 3, 2019

Have you outgrown your standalone CRM system? Would you like to find a marketing automation system that you can integrate into your Dynamics 365 installation?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re a perfect candidate to add Dynamics 365 for Marketing to your Dynamics 365 environment. Explore its capabilities below to determine what it can do for your business.

What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a fully integrated piece of the Dynamics 365 suite. It’s a marketing automation application that has native business intelligence capabilities. A powerful marketing tool, it’s most beneficial for mid-size firms, and/or those with marketing teams who can benefit from the features it offers.

Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing will help you create and maintain business relationships. You’ll have more sophisticated tools to get to know your customers. You’ll also be able to personalize your customer communications, and focus on your hottest leads.

Using the capabilities described below, Dynamics 365 for Marketing will supercharge your marketing efforts and help your company grow.

Feature: Create Customer Journeys

Benefit: Defining a customer journey helps you understand how your customer finds your business for the first time. You’ll also see how a customer learns about your business to determine if there’s a fit, and then becomes a customer. As a result, you can design your marketing to reach out to that potential customer to keep them moving toward the finish line.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing Can Help: You’ll have a library of predesigned templates to describe a customer journey. Using a drag and drop editor, you can customize a template or create a journey that is completely unique. You can then decide what kind of a marketing approach you need for each step in the journey.

Feature: Create Campaigns and Custom Channels

Benefit: You can use the customer journey to map out where you will reach out to potential customers. You’ll save time. You’ll also ensure consistency by offering a single source for both mapping the journey, and developing campaigns.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing Can Help: The software includes a variety of standard channels. For example, you can create email campaigns, contact forms and landing pages that will be sent at various points in the journey.

You can also create custom channels using the infrastructure available in Dynamics 365. For example, you can schedule distribution through text messages (SMS) or contact through social media.

Feature: Manage Events and Webinars

Benefits: Organizing and presenting marketing events and webinars are a common component of a marketing effort. But, they can be extremely labor intensive. You must plan each one, promote it, register attendees, follow up for lead generation and check effectiveness. Dynamics 365 for Marketing saves a great deal of time and reduces the cost of any event or webinar.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing Can Help: The event management feature provides guidance for the steps of event planning. Here are just a few of its capabilities:

  • registration and attendance tracking
  • session tracking
  • reviewing the attendance record for individual contacts
  • publishing an event website
  • creating and analyzing customer surveys

Feature: Target Leads

Benefits: Every business needs to ensure that it is targeting the right leads and turning them into customers. It’s all too easy to chase every lead, regardless of its potential. Automating the process of generating, qualifying and nurturing leads is an important tool for growing a business.

How Dynamics 365 for Marketing Can Help: These capabilities streamline, and increase the effectiveness of, all lead management tasks:

  • Generating and nurturing leads using customer journey definition and outreach
  • Qualifying leads using flexible lead-scoring and prioritizing models
  • Evaluating success using a variety of dynamic analytic tools
  • Importing leads from LinkedIn using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your marketing efforts and improve results, Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a tool you need to consider. Being able to automate a range of marketing tasks will give your marketing staff the time they need to take on more value-added projects. Finally, it will reinforce your competitive advantage and support the success of your business.


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