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Tune and Maintain Apps with Office 365 ADM

Author: Michael Dunn | 5 min read | August 14, 2018

Regardless of whether your app faces your customers or your workers, it has to function as expected if you’re going to maximize its value. Many companies struggle to keep their proprietary apps running effectively after deployment because of the complexities that are now rife through the app development and management sector.

At Datavail, our App Development and Management services (ADM) provide the comprehensive oversight and maintenance attention needed by today’s sophisticated technology so business owners can focus on getting their own work done.


Challenges involved in maintaining apps


Today’s global industrial complex demands the almost-instant availability of many or most business activities through a mobile device located almost anywhere. And the types of apps in use vary depending on their purpose:

  • Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of all companies run custom apps for their enterprise,
  • while over half (51 percent) rely solely on packaged apps.
  • Industry-specific apps are also fairly common (42 percent of companies use apps developed for their particular business), and
  • one-third of companies use apps designed specifically for consumer interactions.

However, despite the variety and complexity of the functioning of each individual app and the constellation of apps deployed as a whole, only 24 percent of companies use managed services providers to keep them running smoothly, together, and as expected. It’s no surprise, then, that many corporate IT departments struggle to keep up with the challenges.


Disparate apps but common complaints


In fact, application issues make up approximately 60 percent of all IT complaints, and the concerns of those IT professionals are oddly similar, regardless of their industry:


  • Many complain that the vast number of apps used by the organization makes it almost impossible to integrate them all into a single, well-functioning unit;
  • Others comment that performance issues are most common, especially slow loading when speed is important;
  • Still others recognize that their apps don’t or can’t keep up with business demands. Virtual meetings slowed or hampered by poorly performing communications apps, for example, interfere across several corporate sectors at once.
  • And many note that their IT team can’t keep up with the multitude of application nuances so they can’t resolve all the issues that arise during the normal operational day.

As a result of these challenges, many companies battle daily to alleviate the numerous app-related drags on productivity, including backlogged projects, staff shortages, high IT costs, and a disconnect between corporate activities and company goals.


Datavail Provides Answers and Support


As a provider of ADM services, Datavail has years of experience in the app management space. We focus our services to respond to the needs of our clients, whether they require the development of individual projects or simply to free their top talent for more critical corporate needs.

Datavail’s Focus on Monitoring

Although all app management services are critical, one, in particular, stands out as especially valuable for managed services customers: app monitoring. Datavail’s ADM service monitors in real time how each app is functioning, both individually and as a key element of an integrated system. Monitoring services allow Datavail’s IT professionals to proactively identify emerging concerns so they can respond before any damage is done. Datavail understands that monitoring all apps is a foundational activity, and when customers know that there are eyes on each app all the time, they are freed to attend to building, not monitoring, their enterprise.

Other integral Datavail services that enhance the capacity and productivity of all apps include platform maintenance, application maintenance, and support services that are available all day every day.

Most companies can’t afford not to have their apps functioning at peak performance, yet many don’t invest the time or resources needed to ensure that capability. With Datavail’s ADM service, your company can focus on its business knowing that all its apps will always be functional and efficient. Contact us to learn more.

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