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Top 7 Recent Updates to Microsoft Office 365

Author: Mo Anwar | 5 min read | October 30, 2019

Microsoft 365 recently released updates across several of its products, including: Azure Active Directory, Advanced Threat Protection, Teams, Outlook, and Office 365, aimed at improving user productivity and efficiency. These updates have many benefits on both individual and system levels.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 7 benefits available to users of the new Microsoft 365, including comprehensive security measures and improved collaboration tools.

Passwordless access improves account security

Users can now gain access to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) though a secure process, all without the need for passwords. The process is further simplified for administrators as they now have the ability to allow self-service account sign-up by assigning passwordless credentials to users. Eliminating the need for passwords increases trust and security across networks and helps reduce or eliminate cybersecurity threats such as fraud and phishing scams.

Identify and resolve threats in real-time

The availability of Microsoft’s Threat & Vulnerability Management (Microsoft TVM) provides a higher level of security than ever before. TVM offers new capabilities to identify system vulnerabilities. These advanced, cloud-based features allow for risk management and resolution in real-time, which is a valuable benefit for users. Proactive, rather than reactive, actions keep users a step ahead of any potentially damaging system threats. TVM is particularly helpful to companies in reducing exposure of its sensitive information and increasing organizational resiliency.

Improved communication and collaboration tools

Microsoft 365 has introduced new features to streamline communications within its Teams product. Teams now allows for users to include Read receipts on messages and add Priority notifications for time-sensitive communications. Additionally, the new Announcements feature identifies and highlights important news and allows for a single message to be shared across multiple channels.

Easily add quick polls and book meeting rooms

Enhancements to Outlook allow users to interact more directly with others through messages. Microsoft Quick Poll provides recipients with the opportunity to vote directly in a poll within a message or vote in a poll by using a provided link, which then opens in a new browser window. Users working with this new quick poll feature realize the benefit of greater real-time interaction with others and quicker access to results and data.

Another new feature in Outlook allows users to quickly view meeting room availability and book rooms as needed. For those booking meeting rooms in several cities, Outlook makes it easy with this update. Users can also select meeting rooms based on specific characteristics, such as AV capabilities and capacity.

Shared access to task lists

Collaboration among team members is further enhanced with Microsoft To Do. Tasks are assigned to individuals and everyone on the shared list can view it. This ensures that the most important tasks are identified, organized, divided, and completed between team members. This new feature can promote more accountability among individuals and teams.

Improved quality of cloud-based deployments through Desktop Analytics

With the introduction of cloud-based Desktop Analytics, individuals are empowered with the information to assess the readiness of desktops and laptops to process new updates and software deployments. Desktop Analytics works with System Center Configuration Manager to develop an inventory of Windows apps and their compatibility with impending Windows updates. This new feature helps ensure users are operating the most current versions of software and optimizing their system’s performance.

Further access through additional cloud regions

The breadth and scope of Microsoft 365 has expanded as its services are now available in new cloud regions in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These additional datacenters available make it easier for more organizations to adopt the benefits of working in the cloud. These added regions will make it more convenient for companies to conduct business on a global scale by helping to meet data security and compliance requirements.

The new features of Microsoft 365 have many advantages for users. Companies will realize greater security measures and enhanced collaboration tools to increase productivity. Overall, the benefits will help users achieve and do more daily.

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