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The Database Announcements We’re Excited About from Oracle Cloud World 2022

Author: Srinivasa Krishna | | November 22, 2022


We had a great time at Oracle Cloud World 2022, and Oracle had many exciting database announcements that we’re happy to talk about.


MySQL HeatWave on AWS and Azure General Availability

Oracle MySQL HeatWave, the MySQL cloud service that has a built-in in-memory query accelerator and supports analytical, transactional, and machine learning workloads, was originally exclusive to OCI. Its availability expanded to AWS recently, and at CloudWorld, Azure availability was announced as well.

Now you can explore HeatWave on the cloud of your choosing! This move reflects Oracle’s recent promising approach towards flexibility with regard to multi-cloud options offerings as part of their services.

Take a look at the latest updates in MySQL HeatWave 8.0.31.

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse in Beta

The MySQLHeatwave announcements kept on coming at Oracle CloudWorld! MySQL HeatWave is expanding through Lakehouse capabilities, which combine the functionalities of data lakes and data warehouses.

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse supports processing and querying up to 400 TB of data in the object store, with a cluster that scales up to 512 nodes. It supports several file formats, including CSV, Parquet, and backups from Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift. You can use standard MySQL commands to query data in both MySQL databases and object storage.

Expanded Capabilities with MySQL Autopilot for OLTP, OLAP, and Lakehouse

MySQL Autopilot, which adds machine learning-based database automation to MySQL HeatWave, also expanded its feature set, with improvements to auto provisioning and auto query plan improvement. Additionally, auto schema inference, adaptive data sampling, auto load, and adaptive data flow features now support MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, alongside OLTP and OLAP MySQL HeatWave workloads.

Oracle 23c is in Beta

It’s time for a new Oracle Database version! Oracle 23c is available in beta globally for Oracle customers. The theme for this release is “App Simple,” which aims to simplify applications and development. Capabilities in Oracle 23c include:

  • JSON Relational Duality aims to address mismatches between the way applications and relational databases store data to simplify the application development process. This capability allows data to be used simultaneously as JSON documents and relational tables.
  • JavaScript stored procedures
  • Automated handling of distributed microservices transactions
  • ML-enhanced prediction of data statistics for optimizing SQL execution
  • True Cache
  • Property graph analysis of operational data
  • Real-time SQL Plan Management
  • Native replication of database shards
  • Kafka applications can run directly against Oracle Database
  • Embedded SQL Firewall

MongoDB Compatibility in Self-managed Oracle 21c/23c On-premises and Cloud Databases

MongoDB API compatibility has been available for Autonomous Database (Oracle 19c) on OCI, but now this functionality is coming to Oracle 21c and Oracle 23c for self-managed Oracle database instances on-premises and in the cloud. You’ll be able to develop MongoDB applications on top of Oracle Database, leveraging MongoDB tools, drivers, and frameworks. The compatibility of this document database API will also streamline the process for application migration from MongoDB to Oracle Database.

Managed PostgreSQL on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

PostgreSQL Aries, a fully-managed PostgreSQL service on OCI, was mentioned during one of the keynotes at Oracle CloudWorld. Details on this service are limited, with no release date currently set.

Watch Oracle CloudWorld 2022 Keynotes

Didn’t get to go to Oracle CloudWorld 2022? You can catch the on-demand keynotes on Oracle’s site here.

Want to learn more about what these database announcements mean for your organization’s systems? Contact us to connect with our Oracle and MySQL experts and learn about your options.


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