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Tech Team as a Service Offers Affordable Support

Author: Robin Caputo | | August 12, 2019

Finding any level of success in today’s tough markets requires making astute choices and investing well in critical assets. Unfortunately, especially for startups and small businesses, there are rarely enough funds available to invest in exactly the right technology or talent.

However, even the smallest budget can afford to absorb operational expenses when the return on that investment is worth the effort. Companies of any size will benefit by accessing a “Tech Team as a Service” rather than trying to keep that expenditure in house.

Too Many Skills to Cover

Staying in business means competing successfully, which, these days, also means managing cutting-edge tech across all corporate sectors. The reality, however, is that that technology also requires a myriad of distinct – and expensive – skills to retain its forward-thinking capacity:

  • Looking for mobile app development? An experienced mobile app developer brings in an average of $147,000 per year.
  • What about Cloud usage? Cloud computing specialists earn an average of $140,000 a year.
  • Programming? As much as $200,000 annually for an Objective-C developer, if you can find one.
  • Even old-style computing skills are costly. Microsoft Office and XHTML programmers average out at about $120,000, which means they start at the $75,000 level.

These facts reveal an uncomfortable problem for today’s enterprises: tech talent is expensive, but going without it is probably fatal to the success of the company.

In House vs. A Managed Service Provider

How companies deal with the problem is varied and results in some interesting outcomes. Some of them elect to go without specialized tech staff and cobble together their best technological effort with the less-than-honed skills of their on-staff workers.

Other companies, however, are accessing the tech talents they need on a project-by-project basis and are seeing the value of building the exact right team they need for the very specific project at hand. To do this, they are turning to the expertise, wisdom, and guidance delivered through the “Tech Team as a Service” model.

“XaaS” in the Form of Tech Team as a Service

Outsourcing some or all of your tech needs to a highly skilled contractor makes great sense on so many fronts:

  1. You access just the talent base you need for your specific challenge, whether that’s an app development, a cloud migration project, or the modernization of your legacy systems. If you don’t need an app developer to bring your database current, why should you pay for one?
  2. You also retain control over your assets and your calendar. Adding team members on an as-needed basis lets you incorporate those projects into your existing schedules. There’s no need to parse out projects over extended periods of time simply to keep your talent busy.
  3. Not least, you control your budget. The tech team runs on your operations budget, not your capital expense budget. Like the phone bill or rent, your payments for the tech team of your dreams are covered within the budget you’ve already established, so there are no hidden fees hitting you at the end of the year.

No company can disregard its budget, but every company can afford the tech team it needs by accessing the skills and talent of a Tech Team as a Service.

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