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Streamline Operations with Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Author: Uma Mahesh | 5 min read | March 11, 2019

The Field Service application in Dynamics 365 CRM enables businesses to enhance their field service operation. The application supports proactive service to produce excellent onsite experiences.


What is Dynamics 365 CRM for Field Service?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers features that incorporate streamlined booking and dispatching, along with intelligent equipment monitoring to revolutionize your field service operations.

When you use the Dynamics 365 CRM for Field Service, you can:


  • Reduce your initial time to fix
  • Complete more service calls per technician per week
  • Take advantage of up sell and cross sell opportunities
  • Reduce the time to respond, mileage, and vehicle wear and tear by strategically dispatching technicians
  • Organize and track the resolution of customer problems
  • Communicate the correct time of arrival to customers
  • Provide correct account and instrumentation history to the responding technician
  • Keep customers updated on a technician’s arrival time and the resolution of their problem
  • Schedule onsite visits when it’s convenient for the client
  • Avoid downtime through preventative maintenance


Field Service is suitable for businesses involved with Resource or Asset Management, Inventory Management, Health Care, Utilities, or Equipment Maintenance.

Whether you service customer products or equipment, manufacture products or manage high value and complex assets, the field service solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of even the most complex operations.

At Datavail we can help improve your resource utilization process, asset and service management,
preventative maintenance for your products and equipment, time tracking for resources, and scheduling.

The dispatching program and equipment monitoring capabilities of CRM for Field Service guarantee that the correct technician is booked at the ideal time. In addition, your technicians are furnished with the tools they need to take care of business.

The intelligent application monitors IoT devices to predict field service requirements. With IoT devices connected, you can discover and sometimes resolve a problem before the customer logs an incident.

You can use cell phones to communicate and schedule work requests and dispatch a technician. The technicians can provide excellent onsite service using the client data that they received via cell phone.


What are the Benefits?


Dynamics 365 for Field Service can make a fundamental change in how you manage your field service operations, and how you interact with customers who require field service. You’ll see improvements in a number of areas.

You’ll utilize your resources more appropriately:

  • Scheduling: By automating scheduling, you can reduce manual processing and ensure that technicians arrive at the right job, at the right time, with the right skillset.
  • Dispatching: Managers can oversee the assignment of numerous work orders using an intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling board.
  • Inventory: You can track inventory on trucks in real time to increase the number of first-time fixes.

You’ll improve your technicians’ effectiveness:

  • Technicians can be on time following the best route and turn-by-turn directions. If necessary, work order information can be updated in real time using any device.
  • Personalized instructions are provided to track and complete a repair, based on knowing the customer’s preferences and history.
  • Technicians can capture and update work order details with access to back office information.
  • You can improve results by providing emerging technologies such as mixed reality headsets to guide the technicians’ work.

You’ll cement relationships with your customers:

  • Use a customer portal to help customers track their service activities and schedule appointments online. The portal also improves communication by giving customers access to quotes, contracts and scheduling information.
  • Customers can track their technician’s location in real time, which tells them when the technician will arrive. You can also provide customers with text and voice reminders.

You’ll modernize with an adaptable platform:

  • Adapt rapidly: No-code visual editors, and the tools to build web and mobile apps, help you accelerate your time to market and application customization.
  • Create consistency: Optimize processes with third-party systems and Dynamics 365 applications to create an improved experience.
  • Promote innovation: In-depth customer insights will transform how you interact with your customers to reach the best outcomes.

To learn more about Dynamics 365 CRM for Field Service and all other offerings around Dynamics CRM, contact us to speak with an expert.

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