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STaaS’s Facilitate Speedy, Affordable ADM Services

Author: Michael Dunn | | December 18, 2018

Technology has changed how everyone’s business gets done, and proprietary apps are often the reason why some companies rise above all others in their industry. Despite this reality, many organizations hold off making the app development and management (ADM) investments they need to maintain their place in their market sector, believing that the cost to do so is too high to justify the expenditure. Datavail’s Sprint Team as a Service (STaaS) now provides them with the tools and services they need to make exactly the ADM investments that will drive them to the next level of profitability.

Tackling Daunting App Development

There are many reasons why launching an app development project is so daunting. When approached in the traditional way, app development (and its subsequent management requirements) can be expensive and, often, there’s no guarantee when or whether the new technology will actually generate the desired impact.

But perhaps a more significant reason for hesitation is that, in most organizations, there isn’t the talent or skill base on staff capable of developing the specific programming because developing such programming isn’t the company’s core product or service. Further, without that depth of knowledge and comprehension, corporate leadership can’t know how the new digital tool will impact the rest of the enterprise, which could lead to some nasty surprises as the app begins its interactions with the rest of the technical landscape.

Those companies that do decide to invest in developing their proprietary apps in-house face an equally daunting list of challenges:

  • Time – Many companies spend inordinate amounts of time developing, refining and managing their in-house apps, in addition to maintaining focus their core corporate assets. However, if ADM is truly not their business, that time would be better spent working on improving those assets, not on creating their digital tools.
  • Skill sets – Today’s evolving technologies require in-depth knowledge of every element of the development process. Most companies don’t have the high level of talent on staff to maintain the cutting-edge ADM progress that today’s consumers require.
  • Modernization – The technology and theory behind the development of legacy apps are becoming obsolete as they are replaced by newer, smarter, better versions. Too many companies, however, continue to rely on legacy programs, despite the many patches, repairs, and fixes they must invest in to keep them running. A smarter response to the old-tech challenge is to ‘modernize’ the entire system by updating it with today’s sophisticated programming. Most organizations don’t have the resources needed to invest in this transformation, however.

Affordable ADM

Datavail recognized that many of their customers faced these ADM barriers but had little or no option available to address them except through expensive and time-consuming traditional methods. In response, the tech company developed its Sprint team as a Service, an offering that gives its customers the skills and talents they need to accomplish their ADM goals quickly and affordably.

The STaaS provides exceptional service for client companies of all sizes:

  • The initiating sprint defines the scope of the client’s goals and establishes a timeline for completion of the overarching plan.
  • Subsequent sprints accomplish incremental goals per the established plan, although they can modify the plan if circumstances warrant.
  • The client determines when each sprint will occur, which often coincides with economic capacity. Structuring the ADM service into individual project-based sprints shifts it into the operating budget and out of the capital investment budget. Suddenly, developing and managing a proprietary app is a much more affordable solution to a particular corporate challenge.

Best of all, the STaaS concept gives customers control over their ADM functions by providing the talent, insights, and affordability every client needs.

If the past offers any lessons, it’s telling every company that apps are the future foundation of business. With Datavail’s STaaS offering, any company’s app can succeed against even the most technologically sophisticated competitor.

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