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SQL Server on AWS: You Had Questions, Jeff Has Answers!

Jeff Duncan | | March 11, 2020

Last week I presented a webinar in partnership with PASS webinar titled: Accelerate SQL Server to the AWS Cloud. I wanted to follow up with some questions that came through that we were unable to get to at the end of the webinar.

Check out the questions and answers below and feel free to contact us if you have further questions. Additionally, since I ran out of time at the end despite my speedy pace to fit it in, I’m planning on recording a follow up session and blogs that will dig a bit deeper on the topics:

  • Choosing between SQL Server RDS & EC2
  • Cost Reduction on AWS Cloud for Running SQL Server
  • Performance Baselining
  • Post-migration activities
  • DBAs responsibility in the Cloud


Here’s the questions and my answers that came in during the webinar.

Question #1: AWS implements the SQL Agent, but Azure doesn’t, at least in the managed service.

Not exactly a question, but worth a response. Azure does have an agent in the IaaS offering.

Question #2: What do you use for Monitoring SQL Server on EC2 SQL Server

You can use any current monitoring system with EC2. Datavail has a proprietary software called Delta that we use. But we also utilize any current third-party tools a customer owns that can be installed on Windows for SQL.

Question #3: If you are specialized in SQL Server why did you choose AWS instead of Azure? I mean, Azure has Azure SQL Database natively and include all new features in there

Datavail supports and recommends both AWS and Azure. We focused the presentation on AWS because they have been the outstanding leader for 14 years and still hold double the market over Microsoft. AWS has more to offer currently, as well as less downtime. But Microsoft still has its advantages and may be a better fit for some customers, especially those with a strong Microsoft relationship.

With that said, the journey to the cloud is just that, a journey – not a destination. If you’re looking for a partner along the way, Datavail is here to help guide you. We’re an AWS Advanced Tier Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner with 100+ migrations to the cloud, whether it’s the AWS or Azure cloud we can help determine the best solution for your organization.


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Watch The Webinar

Accelerate SQL Server Migration to the AWS Cloud

This webinar is in partnership with PASS, download the recording to learn more about reasons to go to the cloud, SQL Server on AWS EC2 vs. AWS RDS, SQL Server high availability (HA) & disaster recovery (DR),
SQL Server migration methodology, and DBAs role in the cloud.

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