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Sprint Teams-as-a-Service for AppDev Success

Author: Robin Caputo | | August 28, 2019

Your startup may be launching the world’s best widget, but it’ll go nowhere if no one knows about it. To inform your potential market of your best product, you’ll need a mobile app that’s as flexible as the devices your future customers use, and to generate that app, you’ll need a top-flight mobile app developer.

However, research indicates that the average annual rate of pay for a mobile app developer is over $100,000; if that’s not in your budget, what’s your next best option? How about outsourcing your application development process to a “Sprint Team as a Service” provider?

Let’s Compare: In-house or Managed Service?

Even long-established companies don’t usually have all the expertise they need for every business situation and that reality is even more starkly true for a startup organization. However, it’s also usually the startup that needs (but can’t afford) the broader base of technical skills to succeed. This tenet is especially true in the application development department since building and maintaining that team is expensive. And once on-boarded, the app dev specialists will need ongoing work, which may not be needed in a young company.

Ergo, outsourcing technical services such as app development to a dedicated sprint team makes good business sense for companies that need an app developed ASAP and also want to contain their budget to that specific project.

Here’s a snapshot of Sprint Team as a Service.

Each team is tailored to each project. Because every app development project is unique, Datavail’s app development sprint team roster is chosen to match those specific demands, making each team equally unique. Plus, members can swap out as each sprint reveals application nuances that require different skill sets. For the customer, the cost remains the same, regardless of which talent is currently on the list.

The team brings a wealth of knowledge. Building in functionality is only one aspect of the app build process. The software must also be immune to known vulnerabilities, capable of straddling multiple platforms, and compliant with a myriad of regulations. A highly skilled sprint team brings with it the knowledge of all factors of app development so the final product can launch safely, on time and on budget.

A well-launched app is never the end goal, however. Every app requires intermittent or even constant oversight to remain competitive as innovations continue to evolve in its markets. That may mean improving or adding consumer communications channels to existing apps, or modifying the UX to reflect new devices or operating systems. Again, the sprint team saves the day by coming in to perform those tweaks and shifts that update the app, and they can do that on a reasonable budget and within a reasonable time frame.

As a startup company, your enterprise has plenty of challenges to overcome. Accessing app dev capacities through a “Sprint Team as a Service” process eliminates that challenge from your list of things to do.

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