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“Spring” into SharePoint Server 2019

Author: Mo Anwar | | May 22, 2019

Since 2001, Microsoft’s SharePoint (SP) platform has powered countless companies into brighter futures with its intuitive creation and collaboration tools. Over those almost two decades, the SP processing capacities have evolved, with new services and opportunities building on the strength of their legacy predecessors.

Today, SP 2010 is coming to its End-of-Life and Microsoft is offering its users a wide variety of technology options that can pick up and run with their existing processing needs.

SharePoint Server 2019 (SP 2019) represents the best of all the SP’s that have come before and tailors its capacities to meet the growing demands of today’s and tomorrow’s evolving marketplace. SP 2010 users can step into the new system confident that it will maintain their current needs and provide the tools they need for future endeavors.

What’s Improved in SP 2019

In a word: modernization. SP 2019 collects all the various benefits of previous Microsoft SP programs and streamlines them into a single, coordinated whole, leaving the duplications and redundancies behind. The new system integrates old practices into new codes that match up with today’s sophisticated programming languages. The result: the same functions now work seamlessly with more devices and technologies, based on a digital foundation that will add in processing capabilities that are not yet available.

Foundational MS business programming that forms the backbone of most corporate computing systems is the driver of the many services that benefit from the modernization trend:

  • The SP 2019 Home Page is now a coordinator of all things “enterprise,” from sites that users access routinely to sites that might enhance their work; newsfeeds that keep them up-to-date, and even the ability to create new sites right from the home page screen (with administrator authorization, of course).
  • Communications get easier through the new teams and sites pages that stream stories and broadcasts to those who need to see them. Work that goes above and beyond expectations is highlighted in the “Hero” web part, too.
  • Lists and libraries are now conveniently located in team sites, as well, and members can easily copy and move them as projects and processes require.
  • Building new pages is easier, too; users can use the ever-reliable Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to embed critical content, and the pages themselves are customizable depending on needs.

All of these enhanced services benefit from SP 2019’s modernized search capacity, too, that updates search results as users type their queries.

New Features Bring New Values

Moving forward, SP 2019 users will experience features that weren’t available in previous versions, all designed and developed to capture recent technological innovations that enhance the quality and productivity of every workforce:

  • The new ‘modern’ User Interface (UI) simplifies sharing across teams or organizations and includes built-in warnings when either or both of the recipient or document lists get too high.
  • Send email from your apps. Yep, SP 2019 eliminates the need to open your email program to relay information discovered in an app.
  • SP 2019 now also stores up to 15 Gb of data, up from 10 GB in SP 2016.

Saving the Best …

SP Server 2019 brings the best of the future of computing to every user through its integration with the cloud-based PowerApps, Power BI and MS Flow process automation technologies. The increasingly valuable asset of automation is remaking how many companies accomplish their goals and these apps enhance its value even more. Automation reduces redundant (and expensive) processes to single streams that produce consistent and reliable outputs with little or no interventions required. Humans freed from those repetitive workflows are now free to focus on more essential company projects.

You can read more about the values of SP Server 2019 in our white papers, and keep your eye on our blog for our next post about the values offered by PowerApps, Power BI, and MS Flow.

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