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Art of BI: Oracle BICS Data Mashup is Amazing!

The new Oracle BI Cloud Service has a tool called “data mashup” that makes combining data as easy as drag-drop-done!

Sherry Milad | April 18, 2017
oracle bics

Art of BI: Data Sync with Oracle BICS

Data Sync, an exciting new feature that comes with Oracle BICS, allows users to extract data from on-premises data sources and load them into BICS.

Sherry Milad | April 11, 2017

Art of BI: Essbase Cloud Service – First Look, Benefits, and Training

An Essbase Cloud Service First Look and Training walkthroughs and implementations for our Hyperion and Oracle BI customers.

Christian Screen | December 14, 2016

Is Data Archiving Obsolete?

With so much data available to organizations these days, is there any benefit associated with archiving data?

John Kaufling | October 23, 2013

Migrating Legacy Databases to the Cloud

With the proper strategy in place, you can free your legacy in the cloud and use it to your organization’s advantage.

Patrick Gates | October 21, 2013

Creating a Roadmap for Migrating to the Cloud

You’ve decided to move to the cloud and identified those assets to be transferred. Now, you can establish a transition plan.

Eric Russo | October 8, 2013

Business Continuity Planning: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Some IT professionals still have their head in the clouds when it comes to preparing for provider outages and having a database disaster recovery plan.

Chuck Edwards | March 17, 2013

Amazon Web Services Packages

To take advantage of Amazon Web Services you don’t need to unload your primary database and applications to the Amazon cloud.

Chuck Edwards | February 11, 2010