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Art of BI: Row Count for all Tables

Christian Screen | | January 31, 2010

Recently a client wanted all the row counts from specific tables on a given scheme.  The list of tables to have their row counts documented was at about 50, which accounted for about 90% of the table objects in the scheme.  At first I was going to use the “Update Row Count” feature in OBI as this is where the project was grounded.  Then, I thought there had to be an easier approach.  Using the script below I was able to get the counts and simply eliminate the objects that where in the not needed 10%. The database we were using is Oracle so the PL/SQL won’t work for MS SQL Server. I will try to find the old SQL Server code I used to do this on a previous project and post it here as well at a later time.

set serveroutput on
row_cnt number;
for x in (select table_name
from user_tables
order by table_name) loop
execute immediate
'select count(*) from '
||x.table_name into row_cnt;
end loop;

a variation of this is:

Set heading off
Set feedback off
Set pagesize 0
Set termout off
Set trimout on
Set trimspool on
Set recsep off
Set linesize 100
Column d noprint new_value date_
Column u noprint new_value user_
Spool tmp
Select 'Select '''||table_name||' : ''||count(*) from '||table_name||';',
to_char(sysdate, 'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS') d, user u
from user_tables
order by table_name
Spool off
Spool count_&user_._&date_
Spool off


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