Quality Audits: The Secret Ingredient to Great Customer Service

By | In Database Administration | November 03rd, 2015

There are many aspects associated with providing quality customer service. At Datavail, we seek to differentiate our services from those of our competitors through an iterative quality assurance process.

If quality is such an important part of what makes us different from the next database service provider, why are we spilling the secret ingredient in our customer service sauce?

We want you to know from the outset how important quality is to our organization. To ensure that each interaction we have with a client meets specific, consistent criteria, we use quality audits.

Auditing DBA Customer Service Performance

The quality auditing process — a critical reason we adopted the Six Sigma DMAIC framework — gives our managers the means to constructively evaluate the performance of their database administrators specific parameters. Each of these parameters and the expectations we have for our employees are fully outlined. There are no surprises. Database administrators and supervisors know exactly what is expected of them.

In the ticket handling process, for example, concise communication is extremely important. We ask for consistency in how a client is addressed, in how the client is thanked, and how we communicate to handle the question or issue. Each of these factors is assigned a specific number of points and weighed with other parameters. In total, the scored points give a total the quality assessment.

Iterative Process

But the process doesn’t end there. There may be some perfect scores on a metric or two, but there are typically targeted improvements to be made after a quality audit. Improve is one of the steps within the DMAIC framework. We work with our database administrators, helping them improve their interactions with clients by providing detailed feedback and training. This is also a targeted process.

Additional, subsequent audits track progress made on incorporating that feedback and all training provided.

Quality Builds Trust

Quality auditing programs like this are part of what makes Datavail the most trusted provider of database services. Performance can be evaluated either as a running average over time, or broken out by parameters and goals. Continuous training serves to ensure clients always receive the best possible service from Datavail.

To learn more about our process we employ to ensure top-notch customer service you can read more in our recent white papers – Quality Auditing for Service Call Processing and Quality Auditing for Ticket Processing.

If you would like to know more about the range of database support services available, please contact Datavail to discuss a custom, quality solution for your enterprise.

We hope that by explaining our philosophy and showing you how we maintain consistent quality communications with our clients, you’ll want to experience our customer service yourself.

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Manish Tripathi
Country Manager and Vice President of India Operations
Manish leads the service management and project management teams out of Datavail’s India locations. With more than eight years of experience in service quality assurance, projectmanagement, service AV management, service operations management and pre-sales support, he is responsible for helping meet client expectations and 24/7 service delivery. Previously, he served as Datavail’s Infrastructure manager for its India operations. He brings 15 years industry experience to his role, including positions such as Service Delivery Manager at Reliance Globalcom; Support Engineer at CA Technologies; and IT positions at Sitel, Railtel and Shree Om Industries. He earned an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, and degrees from University of Greenwich, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, and Muchhala Polytechnic.

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