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PuTTy Color Scheme Solution

Author: Christian Screen | 1 min read | December 28, 2010

So, especially with trying to destroy OBI 11g and taking apart some other Oracle tools, since the OBI 11g beta, I have been using PuTTy like never before.  And today, the sun was shining onto my monitor at such an angle that it made my PuTTy tunnel terminal window almost impossible to see with its default color scheme (especially for folders), so I new there had to be someone else who has had a similar issue and solved it.  If you actually use PuTTY or terminal into *Nix often then you know what I am talking about.

A quick Google search landed me with a solution which I will now share.

Take a look at this link for’s post on the subject.

The results is shown here with me working on some OBIEE 11g stuff…

It worked pretty well for me and even in the glare, I can see what I am doing.  Loss of work, roughly 5 minutes. A nagging thorn removed from your paw seems priceless.



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