Oracle Launches Data Cloud Solution for B2B Marketers

By | In Big Data, Cloud Computing | September 14th, 2016

Oracle has launched what the company calls the biggest B2B audience data marketplace to help with the programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing efforts by companies that sell directly to other companies. Its goal is to enable marketers to maintain focus on the most recent information on consumers by reaching the right decision-makers in the right companies across many platforms.

This new solution, offered via Oracle Data Cloud, provides users with access to more than 400 million business profiles and more than one million U.S. companies for easier account-based targeting, according to the company. Also, data from partners Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, FullContact, Gravy Analytics, HG Data, Infogroup, and PlaceIQ is also incorporated with predictive analytics from Leadspace and “proprietary insights” from Oracle BlueKai, Datalogix and AddThis. Oracle states that a large portion of the data is obtained from the U.S, with inclusion of some international B2B segments.

Oracle’s B2B audience data solution is devised to offer the digital flexibility and scale needed by the B2B marketers. It’s incorporated with an account-based marketing infrastructure that supports a company’s sales objectives.

According to Oracle, business-to-business marketers are now offered more than 700 enhanced Oracle B2B audience segments together with a robust B2B audience marketplace that boasts more than 4,000 pre-built audiences from partners. The new offering is designed to assist marketers in aligning their digital expenditures with campaign objectives and sales outreach, providing a regular flow of relevant and qualified leads from target accounts.

Oracle Data Cloud B2B audience solution offers marketers the ability to access, blend and activate audiences from Datalogix and BlueKai as well as the industry’s leading B2B data providers. Marketers can associate with a single partner to establish highly customized audiences, leveraging comprehensive data sources and delivering them to publisher and consumer platforms.

Datalogix is among the four major cross-vertical “data co-ops” with a primary focus on the acquisition, integration, and ongoing management of the colossal amounts of data about American consumers and businesses.

Oracle has extensively targeted the B2B market with the sales tools designed to assist organizations identify new opportunities and used for targeting and territory-planning in particular. With marketing data providing similar opportunities, having a large up-to-date data source could benefit many companies.

Oracle noted that the new solution could also provide data on companies that have procured a specific solution in the past with insight into experts who have attended or are looking at attending specific industry events. The new solution has a capability to upload and reach the prospects and customer databases through digital marketing campaigns.

Oracle Data Cloud is helping B2B marketers overcome challenges associated with connecting account-specific needs with their broader digital marketing campaigns, enabling them to reach their targets.

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