Art of BI: Oracle BI Got MAD and You Should Be Happy – RM BI Forum 2014

Last month we wrapped up the RittmanMead BI Forum in Atlanta (and in Brighton, UK). It was a great event with lots of solid BI/DW content and intellectual “sparring” as our Danish peers like to call it. If you use twitter you can read many of the comments from that forum using “hashtag” #biforum2014 which was used to real-time relay the events’ happenings.

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Here are some posts about the event:

I delivered a presentation on the relatively new Oracle BI Mobile Application Designer (MAD) titled “Oracle BI Got MAD and You Should Be Happy”.  Oracle BI MAD, which has not seen the grand amount of adoption in the 10+ months it has been available, but I think after people view this presentation the opinions on “Mobile First” development are likely to change the integration adoption rates for the better.



If you happened to attend the BI Forum directly, you would have received this presentation in its shell format.  The updated and final presentation actually delivered at the RM BI Forum in Atlanta, GA is available for download at the link below. Feel free to share it. A webinar is in the works.


Download Presentation

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