Art of BI: ODI 11g Installation Steps (Basic Dev Env)

By | In Art of BI, Big Data, Business Intelligence | October 21st, 2010

If you haven’t taken a look at the new Oracle Data Integrator 11g, let me tell you that it is definitely worth a look-see. The GUI is so much better that historical versions of the ELT tool and meshed with Fusion Middleware ODI now has the ability to scale very easily (WLS anyone?) and pack a bigger punch in an integration scoped IT environment. I won’t go inot new features, drawbacks, and my general opinion at this post but grab the download and take a gander for yourself. Below are just some straightfoward screenshots of a working install in my development server.

As a note to the installation, I had to ultimately skip the configuration step in the wizard because I believe it was looking for an encrypted password to my datasource (db) that I didn’t have and didn’t want to use the tool to configure. I just skipped it and ran the configuration after the wizard completed. If you have an issues, please comment here.



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5 thoughts on “Art of BI: ODI 11g Installation Steps (Basic Dev Env)”
  1. Hi,

    I wanted to know if we need to install Oracle database before we start with installing ODI?



    Manish Danani

  2. hi,
    when i’m trying to install it asking for jdk location….once i gave the details its started installation. when i’m trying to open odi studio it says unable to locate jvm in the specified path

    can anyone help me on this.