Art of BI: OC4J Windows Service Configuration

By | In Art of BI, OBIEE, Oracle | November 17th, 2009

In my previous post on Essbase Studio Server & OC4J as a Windows Service I mainly tailored that information to Essbase Studio.  I received a bit of feedback on making sure I added the OC4J component in a similar fashion and here it is.  Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial for full disclosure.


Here is the OC4J Windows Service files download.

I recommend extracting the Zip file to the following root path, ORACLEBI_HOMEserver.

Similar to the Essbase Studio windows service files you will need to update the RegisterService.bat and ServiceRegistration.reg files to point to your installation’s correct OC4J file paths.  Once that has been confirmed execute the _init_BuildAppAsWinServiceWrapper.bat to launch the process.  Click ‘OK’ for all registry update prompts.


There are no gotchas to this solution that I have yet found.  If you spy any please leave a comment and I will seek to provide an update.  The main thing to note is that this solution was developed for the release of OBIEE which is the release of OC4J and the Embedded Java Containers.  If you run the following command in a command window you will be able to see the version of OC4J that your machine is running:

  • ORACLEBI_HOMEoc4j_bibinoc4j.cmd -version



Again, once one knows how to use the inherent code for Windows Servers it is actually quite straightforward to implement this type of solution.

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3 thoughts on “Art of BI: OC4J Windows Service Configuration”
  1. Thanks – this is fantastic. Up until now we had a console session running OC4J on our development box that occasionally got stepped on – seemed klugy but didn't have the time to research making it a service – until now when I don't have to!

  2. Hello,
    I've installed only the BI Publisher and OC4J to integrate with Siebel. I was trying to change the file: ServiceRegistration.reg, but there are many folders in this file, that I can't find at my installation folder. E.g.: "-Djava.library.path=H//OracleBI//server//bin".
    At my installation we dont have the "server" Folder in OracleBI folder. The folder H//OracleBI/Web doesn't exists at my home folder too.

    I have something like that on my installation:

    and others folders.

    I'm using the release of OC4J.

    Do you if it's possible to create a Windows Service ?

    Thanks for helping