Art of BI: OBIEE iBots “Unofficial” Acronym Revealed – iBot stands for…

By | In Art of BI, OBIEE, Potpourri | August 13th, 2009

I often get asked by clients when we are presenting the OBIEE solution or during an implementation what “iBot” stands for?  Of course, who wouldn’t want to know after seeing what OBIEE delivers is all about and we start talking about creating iBots?

iBot(s) is an acronym for Intelligent Bursting and Output Tool.

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Christian Screen
Christian is an innovator in analytics and data warehousing design, best practices, and delivery. With more than fifteenyears of decision support and data warehousing with key experiences at Office Depot HQ, Sierra-Cedar, and Capgemini, he oversees the Oracle Analytics Practice which includes the technical development and delivery of Oracle BI collaboration software, data warehouse solutions, Oracle BI/EPM projects, and packaged analytics solutions at Datavail.

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14 thoughts on “Art of BI: OBIEE iBots “Unofficial” Acronym Revealed – iBot stands for…”
    1. Christian & @lex,

      What acronym did you guys hear that it stood for?
      I would have to believe you guys have been asked this question in the past?

      I got this from a contact at Oracle. I am now curious to see how official it really is. I'll ping him on Monday to get the “inquiring minds” scoop and I will post a response.


  1. Christian/Alex,
    It looks like my source will neither confirm nor deny his previous remark on this acronym of Ibot. Until I hear something more substantiating either way I have changed this post to "Unofficial" in reponse to your comments. Thanks for keeping things in check.

  2. I took on Product Management for Delivers after Siebel joined Oracle and I've never seen 'iBot' described in that way. Officially, iBots are 'intelligent agents' (check the doc) – as we go forward into the 11g release, we will actually be using the term 'Agent' to refer to objects that used to be called iBots.


    1. Mike,

      Thanks for the heads up. I know we are all looking forward to the 11g release. There wouldn't be a release date for 11g that you would like to share is there? : )

      Truly, this is why we have changed this post to be "unofficial". I like the new use of "Agent" going forward. Thanks again and keep up the good work over there at Oracle.


  3. Kind of close, but not quite right. Just in case anyone cares, "iBots" was derived from intelligence "bots" (a "bot" being a term for a software agent). The name goes all the way back to the origin of the product at nQuire.

    Larry B.

  4. Not so…and I really do know, because I named it. Sorry to say as not a very good name, but we were in a hurry when we had to send out the official press release. That's the whole truth.

    Larry B.

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