Art of BI: OBIEE and Google Maps Integration Browser Warning

After the first post on Google Maps integration with OBIEE we found that things worked swimmingly with Firefox but a very annoying looking error message was being produced with Internet Explorer(IE).

This image/warning is caused usually by JavaScript errors. As we can see below the Google Map integration still works wonderfully, we just get that imperfect warning symbol.

To get rid of this symbol, enter your Narrative view properties window and change the PostFix property field to the following:

The change you need to make is to change the “onunload” to “onUnload” so that it has an uppercase “U”. Since javascript is a case sensitive language we need to be careful of little things like this.

Alternatively, you can use the pure, sure-fire apprach that Micrsoft recommends which is:

[sourcecode language=’javascript’]


Place this after <div> tag that the Google Map is actually dumped into when rendered on the page.

Save your view and test it out. Yes! No more annoying warning in the bottom left. Cheers mates.


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