Art of BI: OBI 11g Weblogic Lock Configuration, Activate Changes Not Working

Working with the Fusion Middleware Console of OBIEE 11g I bumped into a really annoying issue when attempting some configurations.  I logged into the Fusion Console and clicked on the “Lock & Configure” button to begin making my changes.  I made the changes and then had to leave suddenly as I was running late for a meeting.  But in my haste I did not click the “Activate Change” button to confirm my changes in the system.   When I returned my session had expired and I had to re-login to the console.  When I logged-in the Activate Changes button was not available for me to click on.  It seemed as though it had disappeared or I had done something wrong.


After some keyboard head-banging I discovered that this is a tiny glitch with WebLogic’s console interface.  The username that you enter on the login screen is actuall CASE-SENSITIVE.  That’s right, I imagine this is a bug.  But it is not case-sensitive in the way that the password is by which it must be entered accurately otherwise it prevents a login’s authentication.  It seems that the username is case-sensitive to each individual user’s session once logged in.


I was able to get the “Activate Changes” button to show up again by logging in with the username in exactly as I had done originally before I left abruptly.  So for example, for my first login I had entered, “Weblogic” into the username field.  When I returned from my meeting I had entered “weblogic” into the username field.  That is where the problem began. So to get back in and unlock the the lock that the user “Weblogic” had, I simply entered “Weblogic” at the login page (along with the password, of course) and that got me in and I was able to see the “Activate Changes” button again.

The solution is to keep all username’s in the same case at all times when logging in to Weblogic.

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