Art of BI: OBI 11g Client Tool Installer Available

By | In 11g, Art of BI, Big Data, Business Intelligence | February 15th, 2011

Its seems the Oracle BI team has been hard at work lately or perhaps I missed something.  I see that the Oracle BI client tools installer has been released.  Their documentation has a date stamp of Mid January 2011 regarding the release but I just spotted.  So, I’ve decided to take it for a quick test drive.  Basically as you know the installer is for Windows only.  It is a 32-bit tools set that can be installed on both a 32-bit or 64-bit windows machine. The 64-bit machine requires some extra TLC but Oracle documents this fairly well.

So, go get it, here.  You’ll be required to sign-in to download it but you could also check Oracle’s E-Delivery site as well for the download.

This client tool install of OBI 11g provides the basic Admin Tool for developers as well as the ODBC driver for OBI.  It doesn’t provide the catalog manager.  And, of course, it doesn’t have the full bloated OBI 11g server installation that many complained about at the release of 11 R1.

I’ll post an install review once I get a minute.

Update 3/5/2011:

I’ve finally got around to posting the screenshots below of the install process.




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