Art of BI: More BITeamwork Use Cases

Although there are so many areas in analytics where a company can leverage BITeamwork, I have put together a short list of use cases we see our existing customers using BITeamwork for assisting with their EPM or pure analytics processes and workflows. We think these will work within any Oracle BI and Oracle Hyperion customer’s company as well.

User Adoption and Training:

Users want to be involved and know they have been heard. Allow users to interact with the tool more, get their input faster and bridge the gap when restructuring reports. You can also utilize BITeamwork to guide the users in the proper way to utilize the tool and assist in new hires learning the system.

Data Validation:

Users can log any issues they may find during User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The IT staff can capture and report on commonality and/or recurrence of issues logged. The system will allow users to annotate a cell and then notify specific people of an issue they see right after they hit enter. Documentation for issues and persistent commentary or general guidance is also possible through BITeamwork.

Streamlining Frequency:

Users can run reports at any frequency that is needed in the system. Instead of wasting time analyzing the data and then typing an email about it, the user comments directly on the report then selects the person, people, or group needed to be notified and automatically send their comments directly to them. Comments can be captured in context to the prompt selection values on the report or dashboard and a persistence reference is always stored to the report or dashboard for later ease of access.


Annotate specific cells that you want to use as key talking points during a presentation. Utilize the tool to help build your presentations instead of pulling bits and pieces from different places to create it. All comments can be stored in context to the data and prompt selections with linkages to the original prompt values and report or dashboard for future reference.

Board Books:

Users can enter their comments and utilize conditional formatting to create and annotate board materials that are prepared specific times of the year. The comments are saved and can be brought back so there is no need to keep hard copies to have to refer back to because they weren’t in the system. Comments can be entered into custom defined templates on dashboard pages and pages can be locked for input by flipping a switch turning input into read-only reference until unlocked to accept input for a new period.

To explore these use cases and more, download BITeamwork, or watch our on-demand webinars.

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Bill brings 6 years of technology implementation and team management experience to Datavail’s services and delivery team. Primarily focused on the Oracle Analytics and Hyperion ecosystem, he has a proven ability to integrate disparate heterogeneous data sources using a number of Oracle analytical reporting platforms. He has led multiple projects developing moderate to complex solutions in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, and the Public Sector. In addition to being a seasoned Oracle BI and Hyperion Essbase developer, he is also a course instructor for a number of Datavail’s OBIEE training courses.

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