Art of BI: Keystore Wallet File – cwallet.sso – Zum Teufel!

One of the items that trips up a FMW implementation, if only for mere minutes, is the cwallet.sso file.  This file is an encrypted trusted storage or wallet file (as it is referred) that contains password credentials and other security information.  The data stored here is typically used to connect to other external systems such as a mail server, RPD, Hyperion, etc. from WLS/EM. In relation to modifying or managing this in Oracle BI 11g, you may want to look into the Action Framework capability to learn more as it relates to extending the functionality of the tool and leveraging the credential store to manage third party tool credentials.

However, this file and its permissions can affect a basic out of the box Oracle BI 11g implementation which is mainly the gist of this post.

In a Windows environment, even when installing as an administrator on the server these credential store files can appear to be secured or “locked down” and will rear its bad ACL permission “Access Denied” error message when starting or restarting the BI System even if the user who installed the Oracle BI system attempts to start the Oracle BI System.

On a *Nix environment this issue is seldom, if ever, seen.  So when using an Oracle BI system on a Windows environment, as part of the post-installation process be sure to go through to the following locations and update the ACL so that the Administrators group – or simply the service accounts that are starting the system – have modify permissions to the cwallet.sso files in the following directories.

  • F:OracleFMWinstancesinstance1configOPMNopmnwallet
  • F:OracleFMWuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainconfigfmwconfigbootstrap
  • F:OracleFMWuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainconfigfmwconfig
  • F:OracleFMWinstancesinstance1configJPS
  • F:OracleFMWuser_projectsdomainsbifoundation_domainopmninstance1wallet

Hopefully that saves you a few minutes in the future.  If anyone has any technical data contrary to this tactic please let me know.


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