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JDE INFOCUS 2023 – Event Recap and Highlights!

Author: Pramod Alluri | 5 min read | December 7, 2023

The Datavail team wrapped up the first in-person InFocus event since 2019, an incredible week of collaborating, connecting and innovating with new and longtime #JDEdwards friends back in Denver, Colorado!

Being a Colorado-based company, we were thrilled to have Infocus’23 right in our backyard. Attendees at INFOCUS had the opportunity to choose from over 200+ educational sessions, network with JD Edwards professionals and other users, and get a first look into what users are prioritizing for 2023. If you missed the JDE conference, don’t worry—here’s a recap of the INFOCUS conference highlights.

Datavail at Infocus 2023

At Infocus 2023, Datavail had a phenomenal week filled with great connections and shared goals among the Oracle community. Our booth stood out as a slice of beach paradise, radiating positive energy and smiles all around. The tiki theme we chose brought a vibe of joy and relaxation, creating a memorable spot for attendees. Highlights included our unique “Free Beer for a Year” giveaway and some cool beach swag that together made our booth the place to be. Did you enjoy the Plinko game? We hope you relive the happy memories and the excitement that our team brought to the conference.

JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap Keynote – Release 23 and Beyond

The Oracle JD Edwards product team announced Release 23 and introduced a three-pronged approach to their future product strategy. They emphasized their commitment to delivering cumulative value and the importance of innovation, especially in building intelligence, to meet transformation initiatives successfully.

Intelligence from Enterprise Automation – Identify and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Leveraging data from your EnterpriseOne system through Workflows, Orchestrations, Notifications, and Extensibility fosters automation that can eliminate inefficiencies in your business processes. JD Edwards is investing in this area to help facilitate:

  • A full cycle automation platform for business process improvement discovery, analysis, and implementation
  • Streamlining business processes by removing inefficiencies and blind spots

Intelligence from the Cloud – Provides Better Insights and Predictions

Analytics has always been integral within JD Edwards, traditionally focusing on operational analytics integrations in BI. Oracle is now extending these capabilities to be more forward-looking. With cloud integration, strategic long-term planning can be enhanced by leveraging data for better foresight. Release 22 and Release 23 started this journey by utilizing machine learning for data aggregations. The goal is to provide:

  • Cloud applications and services with embedded Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Real-time insights, predictions, and recommendations to end-users

Intelligence from Autonomous Systems – Helps End Traditional Patching Cycle and Empowers IT Staff

JD Edwards is incorporating Oracle’s investment in Autonomous systems from databases to Web Logic into EnterpriseOne. These developments aim to produce an entirely Autonomous System that harmonizes with cloud apps. The benefits include:

  • Self-managing systems to end the cycle of monitor, patch, deploy, and tune
  • Proactive discovery and repair capabilities to reduce human error and unburden IT staff

As Oracle JD Edwards plans beyond Release 23, they are dedicated to providing continuous value and exploring new digital platform avenues to support organizational transformation initiatives.

Connecting the Dots to Your JD Edwards Future with Datavail

Adapting to change and building resilience are crucial, but being proactive in the face of industry evolution is what will position your organization for success in the future. Crafting a digital roadmap is essential for easing friction, cutting costs, and enhancing decision-making processes.

Whether you are planning for an upgrade, want to know latest in JDE EnterpriseOne or build a roadmap to JDE in the cloud? No matter if your organization is looking to transform its processes, gear up for significant growth, or secure a competitive advantage, Datavail is here to steer you down the best path ahead. Maximize your journey to digital transformation by tapping into our experienced squad of JD Edwards SMEs. Learn more about our JDE services and solutions here.


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