Art of BI: JDBC Issue weblogic.descriptor.BeanAlreadyExistsException

Although WebLogic Server is robust, it can be a bit klugy when it comes to some refreshing of loading its core objects such as JEE deployments and even JDBC data source. When upgrading, replacing (or removing and recreating) JDBC data sources we’ve found that one may encounter the JDBC Issue weblogic.descriptor.BeanAlreadyExistsException exception message. This message is typically followed by some additional detail as seen in the image below such as, Bean already exists: “weblogic.j2ee.descriptor.wl.JDBCPropertyBeanImpl@138140a7([biteamwork]/JDBCDriverParams/Properties/Properties[user])”

Issue Installing BITeamwork JDBC 2014-05-08 13_32_29-OracleBI11117EC2_Cloud_Server

This is caused by temporary file persistence which occurs when WebLogic does not complete its proper housecleaning steps when either deleting a JDBC data source or using WLST script to delete or rename a JDBC data source connection.  It is uncertain whether if this is an issue with the native WLST parser or if WebLogic server is actually failing at some point in the cleanup process but regardless the solution to resolve this issue is simple and fairly quick by accessing the file system and removing a few files.


Ultimately the solution to the problem highlighted in this post is to remove the files and or directory that WebLogic was unable to cleanup in its expected routine.

Open the file system and conduct a search for the JDBC data source name in question. Per the example above we can simply conduct a search using the keyword “biteamwork”. You may start the search in the directory, FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain

Issue Installing BITeamwork JDBC - Find all BITW Folder and delete

(Notice in the photo above that searching for biteamwork as a keyword will find all references in the JEE cache as well.  Be careful not to delete the JEE folder for the BITeamwork application unless directed to by the Art of BI Software support team.)

Once the files are found, you will want to focus on any files with a “-jdbc.xml” suffix.  In this case we want to find the biteamwork-jdbc.xml file. Once we find this file and navigate to its directory location you will notice that there are several other “-jdbc.xml” suffixed files collocated. This is the directory reference that stores the available (and clearly outdated) JDBC data sources referenced through the WLS Admin Console.

Delete the culprit JDBC data source XML file in question.  If you wish to be cautious, you may simply modify the XML extension to something such as OLD or BAK so that it is no longer relevant to WebLogic.

2014-05-09 05_57_23-Issue Installing BITeamwork JDBC - Find all BITW Files - Remove Files Marked

Once you have deleted or renamed the file in question you may safely rerun the original process from which you received the exception error message.  Your process should complete successfully thereafter hopefully with no further issues.


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