IOUG Collaborate 2015 Webinar with Chuck Ezell on Oracle Health Checks

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With the heavy workload that most, if not all, DBAs face, it’s no wonder there is little time left to perform routine health checks. Join us for a live webinar on Tuesday, March 31, at 12 p.m. Central as part of IOUG Collaborate 2015 — a presentation of the Independent Oracle Users Group. Presenter Chuck Ezell will discuss the real value of health checks, based on the thousands of them performed Datavail clients.

Among other things Chuck will cover in his presentation is the Datavail 5S Approach to proactive database maintenance:

5S Approach to Improving Database Performance

These five areas help organize the tuning approach and define the major concerns beyond the architecture, setup, and data model. They also address how performance tuning becomes less of a mystery if it can be measured, documented, affected, and improved.

Why do performance tuning? Chuck says that 80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by operations or developers. Sixty percent of availability and performance errors are the result of misconfigurations. You can learn about the 5S approach in more detail in the white paper, The 5S Approach to Improving Database Performance.

Beyond the 5S approach, Chuck will look at such database problem areas as:

  • Drive speeds
  • Operating System Parameters
  • Application Details
  • Database Parameters
  • Instance Details
  • Table Space Naming
  • Redo/Undo Log: Sizing and Frequency
  • I/O Waits
  • And more.

Here’s an example of some of the diagnostics Datavail looks at when tuning a database.

5S Approach to Improving Database Performance

Watch the SlideShare, Optimizing Alert Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager to find out how OEM Grid configuration using Datavail’s Alert Optimizer™ and custom templates helps eliminate unwanted alerts, while enriching actionable alerts, and improving the performance of the entire database system.

Join us for IOUG Collaborate 2015 — the premiere forum for Apps and Tech for the Oracle Community — and join Chuck Ezell for a live presentation on Oracle Health Checks, Tuesday, March 31. Register today to reserve a connection to this event.

If you are interested in learning more about Datavail, please visit our blog as well as our latest post about Oracle – Oracle Secure Backups to S3 on 10g.

About Chuck Ezell:

chuckChuck supports some of the world’s largest retailers with database performance tuning for their internal applications. Chuck helps Datavail locate and eliminate bottlenecks in database administration, while uncovering opportunities to improve performance.

He excels at optimizing and customizing EBS systems. Chuck works with Java, SQL, .NET, and other languages on systems by Oracle, HP, IBM, among others. He uses AppDynamics, Splunk and Visual VM, along with other tools, for database tuning operations.

Contact Datavail for more information on how we might best support you and your organization with custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Image Source: Datavail, used with permission.

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