Art of BI: Informatica PowerCenter Server Status URL

By | In Art of BI | August 05th, 2010

Here is a really easy way to verify information about an Informatica PowerCenter’s current status.  You need not be an administrator or even logged into any part of the Informatica PowerCenter environment.  Using the default or custom port of Informatica PowerCenter, enter the following URL:

  • http://localhost:6001/coreservices/DomainService
    • i.e.: http://<INFA_SERVER>:6001/coreservices/DomainService

The result will be similar to the image below:


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2 thoughts on “Art of BI: Informatica PowerCenter Server Status URL”
  1. I tried this for our server and get an error that the service is not available. Any clue what I might be missing? I tried this against the same port we use for the admin console since port 6001 didn’t work either. For 6001 I got a page can not be displayed error after the browser sat for a while.

    HTTP Status 404 – /coreservices/DomainService

    type Status report

    message /coreservices/DomainService

    description The requested resource (/coreservices/DomainService) is
    not available.