Art of BI: Informatica PowerCenter 8 Video Tutorial

By | In Art of BI | May 19th, 2009

The below video(s) are from a tutorial on Informatica PowerCenter 8 that we did a few months back.  This is now in its new formatted blog page.

Create a Repository Folder
[swf], 600, 440[/swf]

Create a Source
[swf], 600, 440[/swf]

Create a Target
[swf], 600, 440[/swf]

Create a Mapping
[swf], 600, 440[/swf]

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Christian is an innovator in analytics and data warehousing design, best practices, and delivery. With more than fifteenyears of decision support and data warehousing with key experiences at Office Depot HQ, Sierra-Cedar, and Capgemini, he oversees the Oracle Analytics Practice which includes the technical development and delivery of Oracle BI collaboration software, data warehouse solutions, Oracle BI/EPM projects, and packaged analytics solutions at Datavail.

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45 thoughts on “Art of BI: Informatica PowerCenter 8 Video Tutorial”
  1. Thank you Christian for these demos, I'm looking forward for the next demo, but, Where can I find more information about this product, I'm really interested

  2. Christian,

    Please contact the Informatica Technology Network as we would be interested in posting your Informatica tutorials on our site for the entire Informatica Community.


  3. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the videos. They really helped me alot.Please if you have time can you add up the transformation sessions too.

    Once again thanks…..

  4. It is very nice demo, thanks for video, I am looking for one complete session demo like Transformation video then it would be owsome.

  5. hi
    myself avik , i'm very much interested in data warehousing particularly in powercenter informatica. D you provide the training or video tutorial training ? if yes how much it costs? please let me know .

  6. Hi..,

    I'm Mani……. This video helps me to know something about the informatica tools…….. Thanks alot for providing this tutorials…….

  7. Thanks for the videos.
    Great ,really I thanks a lot for this video.. and I request for the complete session demo Transformation Video.

  8. Thanks for the videos.

    Please provide some more videos tutorial on differnet transformation and workflow manager topic.

  9. am new to informatica.. i do not know what are the basic knowledge we must have to know about informatica. i am very much eager to learn about this. can anybody tell me what knowledge i must have before entering to this world of informatica… am awaiting for reply.

    thanks in advance

  10. Hi… i liked these demo alot.i am new to this field i want to learn in detail of informatica can you please suggest me .what all basic knowledge is required i want to learn like these type of demo.

  11. What about transfomations???? You mapped elements straight from source to target which is rarely the case.. i.e. aggragates. e.t.c.