Art of BI: Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) not registering with Shared Services

By | In Art of BI, Big Data, Business Intelligence | December 01st, 2010

Recently a client was attempting to install Hyperion in a secondary environment and bumped into the issue that HBR was not registering with Shared Services.  The configuration would complete but of course with a yellow warning icon on the HSS configuration portion of the wizard.  When opening Shared Services she could see HBR in the application group but it did not appear within the Roles selection for provisioning.

The fix for this was actually very non-intuitive.  No matter how we initially attempted to solve the problem head-on the problem persisted.  We clamped deeply to the idea to not delete the current installation since all other components install correctly.  No one else had the full blown solution but one Oracle forums thread go us close.

What fixed it for my client was to:

  1. Delete the Sample Planning Application completely as this was created just to see if by creating a Sample Planning Application would make the HBR situation resolve itself. : )
  2. Open Microsoft Word from any remote machine
    File -> Open -> http://[HSS_Server]:58080/interop/content/files/Products/
    Login as the native admin user
    Right click HBR- and delete.
  3. Stop Planning Services
  4. Stop Workspace
  5. Reconfigure Shared Services (Foundation) and Deploy to Web Application
    • Wait for this to complete before running the next step
  6. Reconfigure EAS and Provider Services and Deploy to Web Application
  7. Restart the services even if they are already restarted after the reconfiguration


John Goodwin’s tactic found in a reply on Oracle forums helped get us partly to the full solution.

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