One of the Happiest Jobs in America? Database Administrator

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One of the Happiest Jobs in AmericaRecently, Business News Daily reported on a CareerBliss survey of the happiest jobs in America. Guess which job came in first place? Database administrator. Previous surveys also show database administrator as one of the jobs resulting in the greatest happiness.


CareerBliss analyzed 25,000 job reviews to determine which had the greatest job satisfaction. While pay is, of course, a factor, it’s not always the most important ingredient for employee satisfaction. CareerBliss looked at these other measures:

  • work-life balance
  • relationship with coworkers
  • work environment
  • job resources
  • compensation
  • growth opportunities
  • company culture
  • daily tasks

CareerBliss then compiled these rankings into a single score between 0 and 5 for each job title researched. Database Administrator had a composite score of 3.9 in 2014 — good enough for the top position of the most satisfying jobs listed at CareerBliss.

Other similar jobs also fared well on the CareerBliss List:

#2 — QA Analyst
#8 — Software Engineer or Software Developer
#17 — Network Engineer

What Makes Database Administration Such a Good Job?

We asked some of our own database administrators at Datavail what it is they like most about their jobs. We got some interesting answers:

Senthuran (Sen) Subramaniam enjoys the broad scope of responsibilities — including building and managing databases:

SenYour role is not focused on just doing a small part of a task. You supervise the entire database infrastructure. You manage it, you optimize it; in fact, you often design it in the first place. It is really a responsible task and also a challenging one. From a technical perspective, you get to learn a lot of things spread across wide areas. That’s the best part of being a DBA.

Datavail DBA Amy Malecka likes the backup support she gets from Datavail’s DBAs in our centers in Mumbai and Bangalore. When small requests start to overwhelm her ability to work on more important projects, she shifts responsibilities to the team in India:

Amy MaleckaIt’s great having the Datavail team in India because you always have someone who has your back. If I’m getting bombarded with requests from several different clients all at once and want to focus on a cluster issue over here, I feel confident in giving tasks to our teams there to help me make sure all my clients are happy. And it also allows me to spend time on an issue that I have an interest in.

Finally, database administrator Chad Cleveland loves the flexibility. At Datavail, he has a lot of control over his own schedule and is encouraged to pursue his own interests.

Chad ClevelandI wanted a position I could have fun at and still have a career. And that’s what Datavail gives me. It allows me to pursue my personal interests and fun time, yet still have fun at work. You know, work should be a fun place. It shouldn’t be something that you have to do. Datavail makes it a place where I want to come to work.

If you enjoy quality of life and if you want to do something other than work, Datavail’s a great place to work. My schedule is flexible that it allows me to live my life without having to freak out…

The bottom line is this: If you’re considering a career in the technological fields, why not go with a job such as database administrator that consistently gets high marks for employee satisfaction? With the increasing reliance on and proliferation of data – and therefore databases – across all industries, choosing a college major that encompasses database administration is an attractive choice. And for those in the workplace, a shift into database administration might make you both happier and wealthier.

Datavail is always looking for people who want to make a living helping people with their database problems, and being rewarded with great pay, great hours, and a great place to work. Check out some of the videos on our culture page to get the inside scoop from our database administrators.

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