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Dynamics 365 CRM: The CRM Powerhouse

Author: Cate Parry | | June 28, 2018

Are you currently using Dynamics CRM online? Then you probably know that the next time you renew your subscription you’ll renew using the new Dynamics 365 Online. If you want to take advantage of the new capabilities now, you can switch before your existing subscription expires. If you’ve been thinking about a CRM, you’ll be impressed with everything Dynamics 365 can offer to your organization.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a grouping of integrated solutions that unify CRM and ERP capabilities to enable digital transformation. Microsoft’s strategy to empower organizations to integrate data that has historically been siloed and required ‘development’ to integrate. Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 cloud based business applications that span the organization such as SalesMarketingCustomer Service, Financials, Project Service AutomationFinance and OperationsField ServiceTalent and Customer Insights.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM refers to the application solutions that are specifically focused on improving how you interact with your customers. But, it goes far beyond managing customer interactions. Dynamics 365 CRM enables originations to streamline business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, manage data integrity and gain powerful actionable insights from the data they collect. Global visibility into information needed to proactively engage with customers, be it Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project/Contract Management (Project Service Automation) or Marketing.

Here are just some of the things you can do with Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • You can customize the system to meet your organization’s specific requirements, and use custom reports to gather the business data you need quickly and efficiently.
  • You can benefit from Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 purpose built applications by implementing an application with a little, or a lot of customization.
  • You can structure Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities to support complex business scenarios.
  • You can integrate with Microsoft Outlook to track and manage interactions.
  • You can connect SharePoint to Dynamics 365 CRM to manage artefacts related to Dynamics 365 CRM business processes.
  • You can connect data from Dynamics 365 CRM with other sources within your organization to report on, and analyze using Power BI.
  • You can build task specific or business applications on Dynamics 365 CRM with Power Apps.
  • You can build workflows that span multiple systems, include Dynamics 365 CRM, using Microsoft Flow.

You can’t overstate the significance of the capabilities Dynamics 365 CRM offers. In today’s digital and consumer-driven marketplace, customers expect outstanding service. They don’t want to wait for answers – they want a quick and easy resolution to any question, regardless of whether they’re talking to a sales person, customer service representative or manager. Dynamics 365 CRM is the CRM that can help you delight your customers and build your brand.

Datavail is Here to Help You Make the Most of Your CRM

A fully functional Dynamics 365 CRM implementation will give your organization the power to generate a positive and meaningful impact on business outcomes. To achieve that goal, we can offer you a complete Dynamics 365 solution from development to ongoing maintenance that may or may not require integrations with other technology solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with global and national awards, we can contribute exceptional development and cross platform integration experience.

Datavail has involved in many CRM implementations, providing value to our customers through the following services:

  • Advisory Services & Thought Leadership
  • Road mapping Client’s vision for Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Design of solutions that maximize client investment in the Dynamics 365 CRM platform
  • Development and Implementation of both simple and complex business processes
  • Upgrade and Migration Services
  • Quality Assurance with structured, repeatable test scenarios
  • Deployment, Training and Monitoring
  • Maintenance and 24/7 Support

Customer Success Stories

We have a track record of success developing and maintaining solutions to solve our customers’ business problems in a variety of industries.

Financial Sector

The customer received a completely customized solution to replace an inconsistent manual, internal business process. Our solution provided data security, data integrity and process standardization. As a result, the customer is able to consistently capture data and share information about the state of internal processes.

Education Sector

The customer’s process for managing college applications was labor intensive and difficult to use. Our solution was a customized approach for intake, processing and managing applications. After solution implementation, widespread adoption enabled the college to easily process a large number of applications in a secure environment.

Clean-Tech Sector

The customer’s grant application process was plagued by internal data silos and disjointed business processes, making customer service difficult. We proposed a central system where all funding applications are administered and where all grant management data resides. The resulting centralized Grants Management System leveraged the full potential of the existing infrastructure and enabled the customer to operate at peak efficiency.

Non-Profit Sector

The customer’s disaster response process was paper-based and prone to disorganization. Our solution created an integrated system to collect, track, and report on relief assistance that is needed, and provided, during a disaster. The resulting Disaster Response System provides self service capabilities, generates a 30-40 percent time savings for volunteers, and allows the customer to respond effectively during a disaster.

Whether you are looking to enhance or upgrade your existing Dynamic CRM environment or you are looking to improve your business processes around ‘customer’ engagement, Datavail’s team of Microsoft Certified professionals can help you reach your goals. Contact us for more information.

We will help you streamline your business process to become more efficient and get more out of your customer interactions.

For additional resources please download our white papers.

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