Art of BI: Deploy the OBIEE AnalyticsRes Folder on a WebLogic Server

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Since Oracle BI 11g was released it has sought as to use the /analyticsRes folder of the default OBIEE 11g implementation to store media and programmatic scripting files as a best practice. Although you could create a different folder named arbitrarily, containing a WEB-INF folder with web.xml file to denote it is a JEE deployable folder location, we recommend just sticking with something that works as a best practice. If you have never deployed the /analyticsRes application, or if you just want to know if you are doing it correctly, we have the steps and a video for you below. After spending some time with this article you will have learned how to deploy the OBIEE analyticsRes folder on a WebLogic Server.

The basic steps are:

  1. Open WebLogic Admin Server Console and Logon with Administrator account, ex: weblogic
  2. Click on the left panel, Deployments option
  3. Click the Lock and Edit link
  4. Click the Install button
  5. Locate the /analyticsRes folder from the path, C:OracleFMWinstancesinstance1bifoundation OracleBIPresentationServicesComponentcoreapplication_obips1analyticsRes
  6. Click Next, and select Deploy as Application
  7. Click Next, and Check the bi_cluster checkbox
  8. Click Next, and at the bottom select I will make the deployment accessible from the following location
  9. Click Finish
  10. In the Deployments table, locate analyticsRes, check that row’s checkbox, and then click on the Start button to Start Application
  11. Go to the physical directory for /analyticsRes and create file there called README.txt with “Hello World!” in the file and save the README.txt file
  12. Navigate to the OBIEE portal, and change the URL to http://<obi_server>:9704/analyticsRes/README.txt
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